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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Jan 11, 2015.

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  2. Action bar drop doesnt work.
  3. doesnt drop ores w/ action bar. would bue cool to see added.
    Also maybe a proggy/gui whatever its called to show exp/h
  4. NVM
  5. nvm?
  6. was gonna say i fixed his but than it got deleted so give me a min making a new scrip.t
  7. Action bar wont drop for me bud
  8. My suggestion is, quit using bots that aren't updated for spectre.
  9. the mining works perfect just dropping. how can people update their scripts bots if people don't report errors or issues the scripts bots.
  10. Okay, so for some reason I've never had any notifications from this topic.
    The item bar dropping was definitely bugged, from the very beginning. The code was
    Code (Text):
    1. for(int attempts = 0; attempts < maxAttempts && !Inventory.contains("Iron ore"); attempts++) {
    where it should have been
    Code (Text):
    1. for(int attempts = 0; attempts < maxAttempts && Inventory.contains("Iron ore"); attempts++) {
    Not getting notifications can be annoying sometimes -__-
  11. Is banking a thing you have in mind?
    Dwarf mine, 3 iron ores next to lvl 15 dungeon where there is a deposit box.

    Perhaps it's easy to implement?
  12. It's essentially a powerminer, so I doubt that... unless there's an upcoming Alpha miner.
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  13. one of the best scripts bots on here, the times are fast getting ores, action bars reasonable. Was wondering if granite support would ever happen? or seren stones.
  14. The reason it's a tutorial powerminer is so that others can learn the basic concept of coding for RuneMate with this as a reference, I don't think the bot was intended to be an AIO powerminer. Hey, you should take a crack at making your own, feels pretty good releasing a bot :)
  15. i did not know this was to start scripting? If this is the case i'm giving it ago! Always something i've been interested in but never really..sat down? could you point me into the right direction i'll certainly give it a shot.
  16. You can download the source code for open source bots by filtering in the bot store, and then selecting the "Download source" button next to the "Add to client" button. As far as tutorials etc go, I started writing a series of mini-guides which go pretty in-depth, and Eagles has 2 video tutorials available.

    If you're really planning on getting into it, you should check out the RM Slack and Discord: Join Developer Chat | RuneMate

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  17. Sweet, got alot of free time atm due to health issues atm and learning scripting/basic code knowlage could give me a career once i'm back on my feet. I'll take a look once i've caught up on the latest legends of tomorrow episode.
  18. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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