Resolved ubuntu 14.04 bug plz help!

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by douglasyc2, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. soo , i cant use runemate it just stucks on this screen:
    tryed with all oracle javas (6,7,8) and open jdk ones (6,8)
  2. Which Desktop Environment are you using?
  3. Be happy you even got that far, my one doesn't even boot up that part of the launch. I think there needs to be a FULL setup guide video/document on how to setup the correct desktop and install RuneMate @Arbiter
  4. 1) Install Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS (using Unity as the desktop environment; it's the default).
    2) Install RuneMate as superuser.
    3) Profit.
  5. What about people who are using VPS's and are manually installing Ubuntu desktop?
  6. Use a real desktop environment like Unity or GNOME.
  7. Do they need a GPU to run?
  8. No.
  9. @Arbiter in fact it`s gnome classic , you said it would work ?
  10. GNOME != GNOME Classic. In other words, they are completely different and saying one is supported does not mean the other necessarily is. Regardless, this will all be a non-issue when Spectre is released. RuneMate will support just about any Linux distribution/desktop environment that RuneScape supports (officially and not).
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  11. ok thanks
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    @Arbiter made the guy who supports my vps did a few changes, running with compiz makes the bot works although you can`t see anything (bugged screen like before but a little different) but still works , just wanting to report
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. Is there a particular reason you aren't using Unity or GNOME? Just curious.
  13. @Arbiter cuz i dont know why there are some command limitations on this vps , i needed to ask for support to put unity , and after the guy put it it simples revert back to the gnome flashback(and another ones too!) and the vps came with lxde ( i dont know what de comes with it since its a lot changed to look like windows)
  14. The bot just works in LTS versions of the Ubuntu?
  15. While it may work on a number of modern Linux configurations, the only supported distribution of Linux that is tested and maintained are the more popular ones, like Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Debian LTS, etc. This is because the inconsistent (read: unreliable) nature of desktop environments makes maintaining more than a handful prohibitively time consuming.
  16. Hum, I'm understanding. I have two Ubuntus, one 14.04 LTS and another updated 15 not LTS. On first the bot works very well, but at the second it wont opens. Making sense right now.
  17. @Arbiter today i noticed that everytime i open rs , it reset my graphcs settings , there`s a way that i can force it to stay in min ? like an archive with the configs or something ?
  18. Will not be an issue in Spectre.

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