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  1. Decided to create this thread to report words that are not translated in UI

    Phrase: Please be patient
    Where: During reflection mapper queue position screen

    Phrase: Thanks for using (script bot name)
    Where: After you stop a script bot, under RuneMate logo on top of bot window

    Word: Palette
    Where: Settings option

    Word: Close
    Where: Settings option

    Word: Search...
    Where: Search box in developer toolkit

    Words: Refresh - Database mode - Low CPU mode - Close
    Where: Developer toolkit tabs

    Word: Details
    Where: Any table in developer toolkit

    Word: Two-factor key
    Where: Bot login box
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  2. Arbiter is bad at java i bet
  3. Him is the best at Java.
  4. Thanks Viewer. This actually helps a lot considering Cloud and I both stick to the English version.

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