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  1. Features:
    • Supports both low and high alchemy!
    • Easy to use GUI to select all items you want to alch!
    • Stops whenever you run out of nature or fire runes!
    • Simple to the naked eye but there's a beast within!
    Ultra Alchemist runs on a custom framework designed to provide stability and incredible performance with minimal CPU usage! This script bot will easily run 24/7 and get you 94 (or 99) magic in no-time!

    You can use this script bot from level 21 onwards, as the script bot will automatically switch to high level alchemy as soon as your character reaches level 55 magic!

    To avoid random events we suggest you use this script bot at a location where random events do not spawn, such as the bank at Void Isle.
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  2. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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