UltraDungeon 1.0.7

Dungeoneering at its finest!

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    UltraDungeon - Dungeoneering at its finest!

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  2. And thus begins the making of RuneMate history... Congratulations on the release! I will be testing it very shortly
  3. Woot :D Gonna test it right now :p
  4. Congratulations on release mate, this is going to be really big for RuneMate!
  5. OMg this is awesome! cant wait to test!
  6. Gratz on release :)
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  7. Grats on release!

    Just ran it, finished the floor, but it NPEed on the finish floor screen.

    EDIT: Ran it again, finished the floor, and was perfectly fine. Now on floor 2.
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  8. Testing at the moment.
    You should really make the GUI more lightweight, I mean, auto-resizing box is nice, but useless.
  9. Running right now!
  10. Sexy asf

    Nice release
  11. Poltergeist had a little trouble. It walked into the room and cleared it of monsters and then sat there, i manually read the sarcophagus and picked the herbs and then the bot cleaned them, put them on the pillars and opened the sarcophagus and completed the puzzle.
    tl;dr won't read the tomb to see what herb it needs and won't collect the herb properly.

    EDIT 2: Won't complete the Hoardstalker. It will idle in the room until i manually talk to the hoardstalker and ask about the riddle. It's having problems detecting closed doors too.
  12. Farming doors are broken. Doesn't recognize level 90 farming needed.
  13. Gratz on release buddy !!
    I've tested the bot, and it's working pretty flawless.
    The only problem I noticed is that it doesnt pick up food, even tho I have it enabled.

    BTW: I'm willing to make you in-game GUI, with nice effects.
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  14. Testing it now. For smoother runs guys use magic as primary since the sagitar boss has protect from range overhead on and until secondary styles are incorporated I reckon magic is the way to go
  15. I ran it only got stuck on lvl 100 construction door
  16. NPE should be fixed in the next revision.

    Poltergeist should be fixed next release, as for Hoardstalker, I might disable this puzzle until I encounter it myself to test properly.

    Do you know what kind of message pops up when you fail to open the door (something about level required)?

    There are two options to pick up food, one is for rushing and one for non-rushing, make sure you ticked both. I'll put out a proper instruction manual soon to avoid confusion.

    Also, I'd be glad to see what you'd come up with :).

    Any idea what the chatbox said?

    Should be fixed next release.
  17. tries to open higher level skill doors
  18. The basic 'You need level X to do something'
  19. Does the status say it's opening a skill door?

    I'll most likely overhaul door interaction tomorrow, which hopefully eliminates any such issues.

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