Unable to download game (Stage 1/2)

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jon Lammon, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. It says " Unable to download game (stage 1/2)" when I try to get on. I just downloaded this bot and I can't even get into it. Can someone help me or tell me if you need the game already downloaded on your computer?
  2. Hi Jon, i've never actually seen anyone report this one before. No you don't need to have the game already downloaded. For future reference, tag @Cloud for client bugs and @Arbiter for site bugs, this ensures they see your thread as soon as possible.
    Are you running a vpn or proxy at all? Or maybe downloading/uploading something in the background? I'm guessing it might just be a connection issue.
  3. Oh okay, no I'm not downloading anything but yeah it's probably something to do with my internet. I'll try again sometime to see if it works. Thanks!
  4. No problem man, it's almost 4am for cloud and arbiter so you'll probably get a reply from them in around 4 hours.
    While we wait for them, could you see if you can load runescape from the official website instead of the RuneMate client?
  5. Yeah that works fine and I've been playing this whole time, but it doesn't work for RuneMate.
  6. Interesting. Which OS are you running?
  7. I'd probably say that there's something blocking the connection for the client.
    Any firewalls/anti-malware programs?
    Also, this has happened to me in the past for other bot clients when my connection was slower, I just couldn't load them (but I could play on the browser). How's your internet connection like?
  8. How do I check what OS I'm running on a Dell? And I'm on my school's wifi, so that could possibly be it. I'm gonna try to get it to work when I go back home.
  9. OS(Operating System) so like windows, linux etc. Yeah that might be it, their firewall is probably blocking it for some reason.
  10. @Aidden I haven't been home, I'll be home in about 2 weeks or so but my main just got banned 3 days ago on Powerbot :(
  11. Ahh okay. That sucks. Just let us know when you get a chance to check it out :)
  12. The school wifi is definitely your problem, you wouldn't believe how many programs they've got to block games and porn.
  13. Yeah I will! And oh yeah I bet hahah

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