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  1. It was working fine yesterday, then when I rebooted my computer today to use it I was unable to use any of the bots because they would all state that there was an unhandled error that had occurred with that bot and that I should contact the bot author... though this is happening with every bot so I don't think it is just the bot but something else. for example i am unable to run MaxiWoodcutter in RS3. Please help me.

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    Post #12 by Cloud, Jun 24, 2015
  3. Click the button to see the error and paste it here so we can try and help you out.
  4. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a numerical value for InterfaceComponent.width but instead we received null (RS3: 9743760b)
    at app.rP.else(vmb:45)
    at app.rP.else(vmb:23)
    at app.wN.else(gqb:222)
    at com.runemate.maxiscripts.looping.woodcut.MaxiWoodcutter.onLoop(
    at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(hvb:221)

    please help me :(
  5. Ah yes, i saw this earlier in my exception log. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do as it's a broken hook in your gamepack. All we can do now is wait for @Cloud to fix it.
  6. Yeah, this happened to me once before. Nothing you can do about it really. I spent hours on trying to solve this issue when I had it. Just have to wait for cloud. He will be able to fix it quickly once he sees this :)
  7. @Cloud does this happen to everyone and did I do something to cause it?
  8. Happens to everyone trying to run bots from here i think.
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  9. ok thanks for the info.
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    what the eta on getting this fixed because I really want to get back to botting :D
  10. It happens to a small percentage of users on rare occasions. I'll look into getting it resolved tonight.
  11. thank you so much bro :D

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