RS3 Updated Progress Thread (99 Slayer)

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by tafani, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Just got 99 Slayer, heres my Updated Stats Pics, #AllRunemate

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  2. Manual set up then using Alpha Fighter?

    99 Slayer is something I still need to do...been saving up all my XP lamps for slayer and have over 3m bonus experience ready and waiting.
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  3. Congratz!
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  4. What did you do to train combat stats?
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  5. Alpha fighter beta, Melee @ Hellhounds, Mage/range @ Waterfiends
  6. From what lvl @ waterfiends? I'm on mymain legit acc and im having trouble killing waterfiends legit @74 range and @81 defence. I'm praying and eating obv
  7. Use the Waterfiend bot
  8. pray eat and buy blood fury, that would seem like enough to get some decent trip times ?
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  9. So I am using an old account from 2006 and have over 500m on it, do you think I should stick to 5-8 hours a day or go 16+?
  10. I'm still botting my account overnight + extra so I'm doing maybe 12-15 hrs @ waterfiends getting charms & Also on my way to 120 Range/HP So I think it's perfectly fine aslong as you have half decent equipment & have an achievement cape that shows your a legitimate player for example a Slayer cape. Most people wouldn't expect a bot to have a slayer cape.
  11. "legit main". I don't bot on it. Never have never will.

    Ya I can do it but I still needed to back. I meant like staying there for 4 hrs ish. Cuz I play 4hrs a day on weekends lel
  12. How did you get the money for 1-99 range and mage and 1-9* prayer? :D
  13. Range costs next to nothing, use a black salamander. and for prayer I bought the RSGP
  14. Did you use prayer pots? and what defence lvl were you when you got it? :)
    Making a similar account myself but havent played rs3 in a while so idk where to start. :p
  15. I was level 99 defence, I didn't use prayer pots.
  16. How long did it take you
  17. 4 weeks

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