Suggestion Usage stats of bots overlayed against each other

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by SlashnHax, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. It would be nice to be able to see how each of your bots fare against each other in the same graph. What I would like is to be able to select certain bots and have their usage stats shown on the same graph.
  2. You mean like this? :p

  3. Yeah but for more than 2 bots at a time :p
  4. Graphs get too cluttered with more than two dense lines, especially considering you could be graphing different things entirely and each is getting its own axes. If you feel strongly about it I can consider reviewing it in the future.
  5. Powerbot had this and it looked decent. What you could do is allow us to download an excel sheet and let us draw our own graphs our own ways.
  6. I've seen powerbot's and it's just a mess of criss-crossing lines. XD
  7. Are you dissing powerbot? I'll have you know that Tok-ket-Aadil is a professional boxer now and he'll kick your fooking teeth in
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  8. We're not end users. Our UX doesn't have to cause multiple orgasms. If it's functional and ugly we tend not to give a shit. Heh.
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  9. I just wanna see all of them at once so I can see which bots are the runts of the family
  10. Exactly, it doesn't have to be pretty. And with excel sheets we can make it pretty ourselves if we so desire.
  11. Seems like a good idea to me. I agree with the others, if it does its job, I don't care what it looks like.
  12. That is a broad brush stroke; it does not apply to all developers. As such, I can't release an anti-UX solution. I accept the spreadsheet concept because it allows the user as much flexibility as they desire. Just need to allocate some time to do it. :)
  13. That's exactly how most of my scripts bots are written; if it's functional and poorly coded; I don't give a shit
  14. Where the down vote at?
  15. Why not make them both functional and well-written? :p
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