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    Jul 26, 2013
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    • Mouse/Clouse accuracy improvements - gains propogate to other methods i.e. Menu, Entity, etc.
    • Bot Store improvements - added permalink (http://runemate.com/botstore/search/Salvation) and Back/Forward functionality
    • Bot approver stability improvements
    • Added Manifest flag to prevent incomplete/development bots from being pushed prematurely (production = true/false; default true)
    • Fixed Actor.getInteractingEntity returning null incorrectly when the local player is being interacted with on OSRS.
    • Coordinate.minimap().isVisible() now takes the data orbs into account on OSRS.
    • AbstractScript.setInteractionDelay(int) so you don't have to manually sleep at the end of each loop.
    • Updated Bank class for OSRS
    • MenuItem.getAction&Target now filters out color and level tags.
    • GlobalPathBuilder.generatePath -> GlobalPathBuilder.build
    • Manifest packaged in annotations directory instead of data directory
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    Looking dope as usual. ;)

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