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  1. This has been a massive update that has been in development for several weeks, the changes listed here are only a very small subset of the actual work that went into preparing this for general release.

    The entire development toolkit has been completely revamped. Several new tabs have been added to the sidebar, the most important of which is the Database switch. When enabled, it loads and displays all of the Item, Npc, and Object definitions into a table, which can then be searched from the newly added search bar in the top right corner.


    As you can probably tell from the name (and the image above) there are a lot more definitions loaded than what RS stores in it's cache. The reason we have access to all of them is because as of this release, RuneMate can access all of the Npc, Item, and Object definitions on demand. Simply use ItemDefinition.get(int id) or a similar method such as GroundItem.getDefinition() and you'll be able to access all of the definition details.

    Since these definitions are now always available, we've added the ability to search for Npcs, Items, and Objects into the API. Now you can easily search the loaded region, your inventory, and your equipment for items based on just it's name.

    As always, a lot of improvements were made server-side to, which should help ensure long-term stability.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy the work we've put into the client.
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  2. Phew it's finally released. Updated documentation on the way folks.
  3. Great job Cloud. It looks amazing!
  4. Sounds great man, been waiting for this! :p

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