Released V2.0.8

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Apr 24, 2016.

    • Fixed It's apparently been broken for a while. Typically, if the backpack wasn't opened, it was supposed to open it when you tried to interact with a SpriteItem object that has INVENTORY as its origin. This hasn't been happening, but is now resolved and behavior is back to normal. As a result, this also fixes a bug where the UnexpectedItemHandler would activate but then not be able to switch to the backpack to take care of the item.
    • Fixed Camera.getPitch returning values below 0 on RS3 when in certain game states that weren't fully logged in. Math.max(0, value) is now done to ensure it's at least 0 so that Camera.turnTo won't throw an IllegalArgumentException
    • Improved RegionPath to be able to make use of a custom/cached set of collision flags instead of querying Region.getCollisionFlags() every time.
    • Better exception handling within the GameEventHandler in regards to the remote/server exceptions.
  1. What exactly changed with the RegionPath improvement? I generated a custom set of flags (which change constantly) and passed it to RegionPath, but it's not working anymore.
  2. getGenerationTime was deprecated and now always returns -1
    Besides that the only change was internal, previously if we couldn't find a path we'd throw an exception in the path finding method (which was called from the RegionPath constructor), catch it in the build methods, and then return null. Now we calculate the path in the build method instead, and simply return null if it couldn't find a path. If it does find a path, we pass that to the constructor instead. Much simpler logic and it makes more sense.

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