Released V2.0.9

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Apr 27, 2016.

    • Improved exception handling in several places. Some stack traces were unnecessarily wrapped, and when trying to report exceptions that occurred within the methods of event listeners, RuneMate itself would throw an error so it wouldn't properly get reported to the developer.
    • Enabled logging to a file earlier in the startup process. Some debug information was only being written to the console and not the log file because it occurred before logging to the file was enabled.
    • Added destruction of Feral vampyre fangs (some bots would endlessly try and drop them)
    • Improved the debugging of bot manifest errors to encourage bot developers to fix them
    • Fixed a glitch with WebPath's where getNext() could return the coordinate the player was standing on. It would then try to click the players location.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed RuneMate to attach to an applet that was not yet active.
    • Improved the text of a rare array-based exception in the bridge so that I can more easily patch the underlying issue.
    • InterfaceComponent#getActions() will no longer contain any null actions.
    • InterfaceComponent#getText() will now return null if it doesn't have any text (subject to change...)
    • Cleaned up a bunch of toStrings so the dev kit will display things cleaner
    • Made GroundItems.getLoaded() only return the ground items on the current plane (osrs only, I'm not sure if it is an issue on rs3)
  1. Nooo don't destroy the fangs. Other than that good job.
  2. They were breaking multiple popular bots.
  3. Grats on being post 66666.
  4. I'm getting a trojan false positive during install of the 2.0.9 update. win32/fatale.B!plock is the alert which makes me think something changed in the updater code?
  5. I'm getting the same, my A/V blocks it.
  6. It's a false positive, please report it to your antivirus provider.
  7. Yeah I figured it was a false-positive. Just wanted to give you devs a heads up. It was throwing the alert via windows defender on Win10 so i'm unsure how soon/if Microsoft will rectify the problem.
  8. @Arbiter can you handle this?
  9. Windows Defender...? That's a new one. @Cloud just release a new build. Re-obfuscation will resolve it. It's likely some random pattern it's tripping. Shitty pattern detection is shitty.
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  10. I went ahead and took a stab at fixing the issues with the game running out of memory in a silent release, it appears to be a success but if anyone is still encountering the issue then please notify me.
  11. Windows Defender is still doing it. \AppData\Local\Temp\RuneMate_2_0_10_0_windows_i586_setup.exe
  12. That's not the issue I was talking about....

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