Released V2.2.0

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  1. It's been a while guys
    • I rewrote our cache handling library
    • I added support for Materials and EnumDefinitions, along with helpers like ObjectDefinition#getMaterialSubstitutions
    • Exposed Js5Cache class
    • A lot more that I've forgotten
    • @Arbiter add all your UX things to this list
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    • Sorted clients by PID in the InstanceConfigPage
    • Filtered out bound accounts in the InstanceConfigPage
    • Added context menus to accounts and bots on the left sidebar
    • Implemented CSV bulk import for accounts
    • Added Help > View Logs menu item
    • Added progress indicator to InstanceConfigPage
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  2. Thanks for the hard work and great Client Updates!
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  3. Thanks!
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  4. Thank you guys for working so hard!
    But ads with supporter rank? really?
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  5. Make supporter more expensive if you have to but, I don't want to see ads in the client.
  6. nah ads are good for money, if you want runemate's developers too continue the hard work and employ scripters.

    The ad is not very long anyway.
  7. I will consider a higher donation tier for not seeing ads.
  8. Yeah that'd be a neat incentive to pay more :p.
  9. Good. Arbiter can we request eligi has first priority too have his ads disappear through payments?
  10. Do I have to be babysitter with these ads?
  11. no. just let the ads run and your good togo.
  12. Have they come out yet with a set amount for no ads

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