Released V2.2.7

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    • Added Environment.getForumRank() for detecting if a user is a Supporter to lock down more advanced features to Supporters only.
    • Fixed a cache lookup regression after a recent rewrite of our cache library.
    • Fixed an issue with an invalid gamepack mapping.
    • Added a new advertisement slot on the right side of the client
      • Our development costs have been rising rapidly recently. We brought @SlashnHax onto the team, and we've had to start using two new servers, one of which is exclusively for the new RS3 web.
    Overall I'd like to apologize for the bugs that have stopped some of you from botting over this last month. It's been a very busy month with me focusing most of my efforts on RS NXT.
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  1. Are you saying that RuneMate is going to support the NXT client? If so, then that's awesome :)
  2. How much are you making then with the advertisements in the client and the website combined?
  3. Advertising wise do what you gotta do. You guys work really hard to give us a pristine botting experience and deserve to get paid. I wonder if we could make a donation incentive program mainly with scripts bots and other benefits.
  4. Supporter rank should be serving that purpose :)
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  5. update isnt finishing and isnt letting me get into runemate at all. goes to 100% and then does nothing.
  6. NXT confirmed. Cant wait for RM supporting NXT client :D
  7. Spectre has been confirmed to eventually support NXT even before its alpha stage, it just might need some generous amount of time for it to work. ;)

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