Released V2.3.0 [New updater]

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. First of all, thank you for your patience in regards to the recent downtime we've experienced. Starting around the end of last year the development of a new updater was started. While the old updater used DFS across CFG's, the new updater relies on expression trees built from the basic blocks of organized CFG's. Expression trees are far easier to organize, meaning they're far more predictable and as a result more stable patterns can be derived from them.

    As far as timing goes, there was no particular reason that we chose to deploy the new updater at the same time that OSRS updated. It was merely a coincidence. The only thing that changed in the OSRS game engine was the way that the combat gauges of characters was handled. A very simple fix.

    This is a large update and has required a lot of testing already, and is bound to have some bugs that we hope to be able to iron out quickly. In exchange for this temporary inconvience, developers can expect new API To be added to the Actor and InterfaceComponent classes among others over the next few days. These new APIs will have a trickle down effect to the rest of our users because developers will be able to write more intelligent bots.
  2. Sounds awesome bro. This update includes serializable areas yeah? <3
  3. Seems this broke the login handler for eoc :/
  4. Great work thank you!
  5. This broke rs3 :(
  6. Ye broke RS3 master
  7. All RS3 bots are broken. Do authors have to individually update all the scripts bots now??? Or can this be fix via client update?
  8. Client issue, nothing to do with bots.
  9. Thats a relief. Do you have ETA on fix? Thanks for the fast reply by the way.
  10. hes busy fixing it?
  11. Don't be impatient, I said there would be issues and we're polishing them out. Why would you want to wake me up so I would program when I would be sleep deprived and not capable of writing code that meets my typical standards?
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  12. Thanks for all your hard work Cloud. Take your time buddy, this is for a Game.
  13. oooh i feel bad for the constant posting of new threads now... sorry nooby here didn't know rs3 was down, everybody in shout box telling me it is up =/
    edit keep up the good work!!
  14. Both OSRS and RS3 are up at the moment mate.

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