VPN vs Socks Proxy

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VPN vs Socks Proxy

  1. VPN

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  2. Socks4/5 Proxy

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  1. OmniCasual

    Oct 12, 2015
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    Hi, new here. While I know VPN will hide my IP I'm not to familiar with Socks proxys. I don't really know if the company I bought threw loses connection on them but their VPN has a kill switch which is good.

    However I've seen people mention that this site uses some cloud computing to mimic human movement with the mouse. Will this data travel from the clouds network to my RS account or will it tunnel threw my IP.

    I see the option to use Socks but I don't know if that's just there for some people who are paranoid or to route the clouds network threw.

    Some insight would be greatly appreciated.

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