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  1. My current machine is outdated asf, so this leaves me no choice but to get myself a nee machine .... I'm not the one whose going to be building this pc, a family member is, but my job is to compile a list of SPECS i want to include in this build.

    The main focus for this Machine is to bot OSRS account Via Runemate client & play OS on osbuddy. Nothing else, no other games.

    Please leave me a list of specs that'll help me out with these requests in mind. I want to be able to run atleast two bots at once with my comp still able to do more.


    Please leave suggestions!
  2. If your only goal is mass botting, build a server with a used Xeon.
  3. Processor: Intel I5 6500

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P

    RAM: Crucial CT2K8G4DFD8213 (16gb, u could also go for 8gb to safe yourself 25€/30$~, but 16gb gives u the opportunity to run like ~10-15 bots, if u start to consider a gold farm XD )

    GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING 4G ( u could also go the 2GB if u want to safe 40€/50$, but i dont know if u run more than 2 screens). A GTX 950 or AMD R7 370 would also do fine if u dont see urself playing other games then runescape in the near future, since the GTX 960 runs other games fairly decent.

    PSU: Seasonic M12II Evo 520W

    SSD: Crucial BX200 240GB, U could also take ur HDD with ur new build, but an SSD is REALLY nice.
    Cooler for the processor: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, cheap but effective

    computer case: Fractal Design Define S, silent and pretty good quality airflow etc.

    i know i've PM'd u this build. but ill leave it up here for discussion. Maybe there are some improvements
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  4. Idk why I didn't see this thread but could you specify a budget? Provide a budget and I'll list a build.

    And what currency is applicable to you?
  5. That's not really the case, that website is specifically catered to gaming which is a terrible recommendation for one who is never going to game on that system.

    Coma on PB liked to preach that website and for the most part that's never applicable to botters. I say this because my thought process when building computers is to determine an optimal build for the clients' workload, that and I've been doing this for years.
  6. hes also not planning to make a gold farm.
    all he wants to do is play/bot 1-2 clients and do some school stuff.
    i gave him some options in my builld to choose from depending on his near future planns according to what he wants to do with the computer in a couple of years.
  7. I don't recall implying he wanted a botfarm, the point being he's wasting money on components he won't need.

    For example, you listed a GTX 960 for his build despite him claiming he won't be gaming on the system, even if he does run more than one monitor, there's nothing wrong with the Intel HD integrated graphics as they're capable of pushing three displays at once.
    After re-reading your comment, the only person to implied he could botfarm was you.
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