Dark Was anyone ban today on DS?

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by WYD, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Was anyone ban today on DS?
  2. no ban today

    cus i dont playxddddddd
  3. ...
  4. Banned*


    Me no playerino eitherino lelelele huehuehue pomf
  6. Me no play either, la la la la puf hah
  7. Look who's talking.
  8. @mods remove this post there just troll's. @EvilCabbage
  9. No ban so far.

    I just love the way, that back in the day, when you joined the site and were sharing your YT vids, you claimed not to use the bot.
    And look who admitted to botting and got banned :p
  10. WYD you're a major idiot. You are the biggest troll on this forum and when someone else does it you insist om having the post removed by a moderator.

    'Don't do to another what you don't wish upon yourself'.
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  11. True.

    We should add to the rules on the registration form, that everyone who wants to become a member, should have atleast an IQ of 25.
    @Arbiter good suggestion?
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  12. chill homie

    i got ur back wyd
  13. My IQ is 98
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  14. Nope, haven't got banned yet.
  15. no bans, running for two weeks non stop atm.
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  16. That means 336 hours straight?
  17. no i sometimes had to relaunch the client but they were at least for 23 hours online a day.
  18. Banned. about 1 hour ago. I was watching my guy.. DCed and banned.
  19. was running two accounts one fighting and one thieving only the thieving one got banned
  20. Got one banned today. Funny though because I'm running a LOOOOOT of bots and they're all on the same task. Only one was banned. Haha.

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