Was wondering if someone could make me an avatar as a favor.

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Pure, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Just a simple AVI that just pure but is nicely designed.

    Possible like a high quality blue party hat hanging off the top of the letter P on the left side.

    This is just for anyone who wants to practice honestly. :p thank you
  2. If you need truly professional work ask @Carnage
    Else, I hope someone in here can make you a nice avatar :)
  3. wtf man

    OT: working on that pimpy ava
  4. Oi oi oi you're still my boy.
  5. [​IMG]

    Avatar size:
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  6. I'm assuming you wouldn't mind some constructive feedback, so I'm offering it. I like the concept of using vivid textures in the image. However, I think the blending of the fur with the background could be better. I also don't like the fade out of the hardwood. Messes with the realism of it.
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  7. ahaha perfect! Haven't had one in all the years of being on forums:D Thanks man I like it
  8. Honestly I'd put more time in it if I didn't do it for free. But thanks for the feedback anyway!
    Hey glad you like it :)
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