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  1. So far only the rendering functionality is done, but I plan to add extending functionality and possibly anything else I can think of.

    The default web rendered then manually placed onto a RS map:
  2. Looking good man, this could be handy!
  3. Update:
    I dun goofed and deleted everything about a fortnight ago, I'm currently rewriting it.

    The GUI is done, currently writing the extending functionality and then I'll work on the renderer.
  4. [​IMG]

    Coordinate extending done. Still need to patch up a few small problems though.

    Should spacing be the inclusive or exclusive distance between the coordinates? Atm it's exclusive (so the spacing is the amount of coordinates between each coordinate)
  5. I am really looking into this, looks really awesome and helpful. Good job!
  6. What exactly does this do? Is it some sort of map where it can walk and where it can't?
  7. Yeah, maps out areas and adds them to a Web, which is a Walking API kind of thing I guess?
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  8. Renderer is done, although when scrolling it's pretty slow
    Object extending is done (Only supports BasicObjectVertexes for now).

    Saving and loading is also done. Saving can take a long time using the current API, but @Cloud is working on speeding that up as far as I'm aware. It's already been done and it's so damn fast!

    It has support for scaling and such, I'm gonna have to work out a way to expose it to the user though.

    All in all, pretty much done :D


    Edit: Zoom added. Testing now.

    Edit: Zoom working well
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  9. Haven't worked on it in a while, Object extending didn't work as planned and I wanted to make a more efficient vertex connecting method xD
  10. Is every walkable tile classed as its own vertex with edges to each reachable surrounding edge, if so how much memory does it use when the web is fully loaded i found it ridiculous when i checked my implementation?
  11. There are options to allow the user to select the spacing, offset and area to add.
    Haven't really bothered checking the memory use, and I don't know what I'd compare it against either.

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