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How are you satisfied with my service, communication, script?

  1. Very good. I love it.

  2. Good, but has some problems. (If so, contact me. I will always fix things.)

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  3. This dude sucks, don't buy from him!

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  1. Welcome,
    I would like to offer you my service. I offer Web development, software development and private scripts bots development.

    Private scripts bots:
    For some extra, you can order a break handler with the script bot.
    here is a pic of it used in my scripts bots.
    Day 1: [​IMG]
    Day 2: forgot to upload
    Day 3: [​IMG]
    Day 4: Forgot to upload...
    Day 5:[​IMG]

    1 day of runtime. This was divination, energy farming. Going for 5 days now.


    Where you can contact me:

    Here on
    RM as a private message. (click here to start a convo)

    Skype: miha3999
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  2. You should also consider working on a premium bot. Anyway, best of luck!
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  3. Thank you. Yeah i am thinking of that. Just don't have the ideas. There are already many bots on the botstore :/
  4. Just wondering how much you would charge for a herb running script bot (as in you have a preset and the bot will collect herbs from patches/replant with aura and juju farming potion support and then terminate script bot. Catering for those with access to priff/not done priff and ghosts ahoy for the teleports).

    Would be helpful since I play and bot and it will make a tedious herb run be not so tedious
  5. can you make a legit pc bot with antiban ? if so tell me price
  6. Open and still doing it :)
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  7. This guy is an amazing coder, don't hesitate to purchase a script bot from him!
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  8. Thank you
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  9. Qosmiof2 is great, been working with him for a while. Very knowledgeable and versatile coder. Have bought and will buy from him again :)
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  10. Vouch! Made me a private script bot, great dude :)
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  11. I've added you on Skype to discuss some stuff :)
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  12. Very good bot/ script bot coder would reccomend his sevices to anyone
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  13. Perfect coder, working fast and delivers the product in no-time.
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  14. Can I purchase a clean written UI implementation for general purposes? Dying to learn how to implement one.
  15. Too much complicated too little comments :(
  16. Hi can you give me a broad idea of the prices you would charge for private scripts bots? Also How would I use the private script bot would you upload it to my profile?
  17. Developers have the option to grant access to specific users.
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  18. as @Geashaw stated, we assign them to profiles.
    Charging for a scripts bots is completely depending on script bot complexitivity
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    Lol hmu on slack. Ill help you with one free of charge.
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  19. Thanks man, couldn't find you on slack and I'm quite busy. Maybe later.
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  20. My slack is: mihael. Yeah sure whenever you need it.
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