RS3 well friday i was banned for 46hours and now!

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Nicholai, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Friday when rm went back up I tried botting and got banned for 46 hours. well sunday I came on again to see if my ban was up and now I find out I'm permanently banned for macro major. thanks jagex for teasing me with a 46 hour ban then when my ban was up go and perma ban me. thank you very much! here I have some screen shots. lvl 95 character, member, main account of 6 months.

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  2. that sucks, i had same thing happen to me but yet to be perm banned
  3. It shows you were banned twice in one day so they probably reviewed your account once the 48 hour ban started. If you don't wanna loss an account you hate to loss then don't risk it.
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  4. Did you bot/use the client after being able to login again (after first ban)?
  5. These kinds of things does happen. First 48h then permanent outta nowhere.
  6. no after I got the 46 hour ban I never logged back on till 46 hours when I logged back on it was perma banned.

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