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  1. Hi guys its me kingswap, i wanna java and i rlly want to make free scripts bots for myself and yoy guys but i dont have any experience at all in java. So could you guys tell me what i need to learn in java to make bots. Please dont tell me to learn basics its not coz i dont want to, but i dont know which ones. When i search i can see java basics for web designing and such so pls point out what to learn exactly for botting. Thank you! Also i tried out eagles13 guide but at the end my result failed i tried twice and it was not working so pls dont refer me to his tutorials too.
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  2. If you're getting web design results when you google java, you're probably googling javascript, which is different.
    Give these a shot: The Java™ Tutorials
  3. which ones in this should i learn? any idea? @SlashnHax
  4. [​IMG]

    That pretty much.
  5. thats it? its about the interface? what about the actual programming ?
  6. The whole image.
  7. wow okay thanks alot :) what are the programs that i will neeed ? @Bertrand
  8. Install Java JDK, and pick your favorite IDE (edit program for your code). You can use notepad but it doesn't help you at all with compilers or auto-fill functions.

    Personally I use Intellij, as a lot of the developers do on here. You can also use Eclipse or Netbeans, whatever floats your boat.
  9. Start at the beginning, and do them all xD
    There are some informative youtube videos about learning Java as well, feel free to look them up :)

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