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  1. Botting ? Whats the script bot you prefer? Is this for money-making or cmb gains? Leave your answers here, and compile a lost. Is it 2007 or Rs3 (which i hate) but yeah drop some answers :-D
  2. PiChopper, Celestial Fisher, Alpha Fighter. I am botting OSRS, not botting hard but just a few hours a day to make a new main. Started like 2,5 weeks ago. I am not botting for moneymaking but just for the fun.
  3. MmaaikelHillgiants, MmaaikelLesserdeamons
  4. Thats cool @Jourikoks gl with your new main :) become a straight slayer main :p
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    @Mmaaikel osrs bro or rs3
  5. RS3

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