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  1. Ive seen alot of "!" and "! = " used for coding, i wonder what they actually do, could anyone help me? thanks
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  3. Means "is not" and "not equal to"

    !object.isValid() ; is not valid

    tree != null ; tree is not null
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  4. Ok thanks i dont understand but i try my best to grasp it
  5. Ok.

    Let's say you want to check if there's a nearby tree to chop.
    GameObject tree = GameObjects.newQuery().names("Tree").results().nearest();
    This will look for a tree that is closest to the player.

    After that, you want to do:
    if(tree != null)
    To check if there's an actual tree around the player. If there is no tree, and you try to interact with it, it will return null, resulting in an error. That's why you do the != check.

    Does that clear up some stuff for you? :)
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  6. Yes thanks alot! I have another doubt could you clear it for me?

    Could you tell me what each lines do? thanks, its an open source code of Mudrune grinder by bertrand.

    Execution.delayUntil(() -> Interfaces.newQuery().containers(1371, 1370).visible().results().size() != 0);
    if (Interfaces.newQuery().containers(1371, 1370).visible().results().size() != 0) {
    Execution.delay(2500, 3000);
    Execution.delay(2500, 3000);
    Execution.delayUntil(() -> Interfaces.newQuery().containers(1251).visible().results().size() == 0);
  7. Thanks, though I don't understand anything about programming, I understood this bit :)
  8. Bump, could someone explain those lines? ty again

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