What do you bot for?

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  1. Just thought i would make a post to share what i have been doing with runemate which i am loving at the moment. currently i am botting my ironman and bot my noobie at chins for gp for bonds for both accounts probably do until 99 hunter.


    Would anyone else like to share what they use runemate for?
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  2. Why hide the stats on the 2nd account if your showing the name?
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  3. LOL. The hidden stats with the name. I'm dead.
  4. I use RuneMate as a substitute for drugs.
  5. Yea you better remove the name before you get screwed.
  6. Removed images as they show your username.
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  7. omfg sorry, Thank you! it was 4:25am :p
  8. I bot on darkscape to swap the gp over to RS3 Since the gp swap rates are 1:10

    I am going for 99 Woodcutting on all 3 accounts by chopping regular logs nonstop 24/7

    Account #1, Going for 99 WoodCutting then 99 Runecrafting

    Account #2, Going for 99 WoodCutting then 99 Runecrafting

    Account #3, Achieved 99 Runecrafting, now going for 99 Woodcutting

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