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  1. This occurred while the bot Alpha Waterfiends was running.

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    Post #11 by Arbiter, Oct 8, 2015
  3. 'Sun' Normally falls under a java error, or are you writing a script bot?
  4. Nope, like I said, I'm only running the Alpha Waterfiends bot.
  5. Really couldnt tell you sorry bud
  6. No problem bro.
    I'm sure @Arbiter or @Cloud can help me :D
  7. Can't find the webpath file. Look at the first line. :p
  8. What does that mean for people who don't code :p?
  9. It literally means it cannot find the file needed for the bot, therefore an error occurred.
  10. But is webpath like the path the bot uses to walk the player around ?
    How do I fix it ?
  11. There are like 3 different paths I believe and WebPaths are generated in/through the Cloud. But yes, they are a path that the player users.

    I don't think you can fix it. Cloud or Arbiter might be able to provide some more info.
  12. Should be fixed. Sorry about that.
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