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  1. As some of you may know, I was formerly a scripter at powerbot, better known as Zohan, but after I found RuneMate, I quickly jumped ship.

    I had been using powerbot for more than a year, mainly because it was the only RS3 bot out there. I've had several accounts banned there, including my beloved main, some of them for just logging in. I've had several accounts cleaned because I logged in through their client, even though they'll never admit it. But most importantly, what made me leave was the customer service, or lack there of.

    You see, people would complain all the time about the client being detectable, which us, but they'd just say it was a "flagged IP" or some other BS. And how about their interaction with the community, how often did they post updates about their client or even update the client? v7 was suppose to come out in July yet they still haven't given an ETA after passing that date.

    But what really ticked me off was their claims to be the best in the business due to their collection of scripts bots, flexible API and large community. But they never mentioned their client, how injection was detectable and everyone who touched the client were at a huge risk.

    After making my decision, I acted quickly. I knew I wasn't going to go back so I tried recruit as many people I could from powerbot. I got Defeat3d unfairly banned which I'll take blame for, but managed to get a few script bot writers here. I've told many people to recruit people over from powerbot and slowly we are building a bigger community.

    Although the client here is still in beta, and our collection of scripts bots is not all that impressive, we will strive to become the next great bot client and community. Join us, you will not regret it.

    Cloud is a very active and hardworking developer and we have some chill, friendly mods.
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  2. Can't wait for scripters to leave powerbot so they don't have any scripts bots this will become the new rsbuddy!
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  3. While I commend the initiative you guys took here, I can't condone this type of guerrilla advertising. Here's where we are right now: I know our client is better. Y'all know our client is better. It's just a matter of time until everyone knows our client is better. There's no need to upset others in the meantime, especially when they seem particularly sensitive about the subject (you're left to speculate as to why; perhaps fear of the future or over-compensation?). As a tangent, it's slightly amusing that some of their administration skulks on this website and tries to offer our Bot Authors script bot writer ranks on their site to convert them, although I don't know of any who have taken the transparent bait.

    Now all that being said, it's this kind of commitment and vision for RuneMate that keeps Cloud and me motivated to keep chugging forward and while I don't agree with the strategy I can't help but appreciate the sentiment. I would suggest channeling it into some awesome bots and telling all your friends about us (but not on competitors' websites).

    tl;dr love you fucks, but y u make dem butthurt? lets kick their ass instead.
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  4. The reason for the behavior was probably because the scripters/community arnt happy with the rate at which we are gaining new members, unsure who's fault that is.
  5. To be honest i support your post.

    at the end all botter and bot scripter are on the same side against jagex.... not against each other. you don't like their staff? ok but supreme please not act like a child and just work on better bot here
  6. The only reason I left was cause they demoted me, I was planning on supporting both versions of my scripts bots but I guess they took it the wrong way
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  7. It may seem ironic because I got permanently banned for advertising RuneMate on powerbot, but I completely agree. It may give us a few more very talented script bot writers, which is nice, but we also come over kind of desperate to others.

    All I honestly did on powerbot was answer people asking about RuneMate because I posted script bot progress on the forums. The admins saw it as advertising, which is not quite what it was, but whatever. I'm not going to miss the place, only being with the people.

    The sad part from powerbot side is that they deny the fact their client is utter shit, and they keep brainwashing customers and even script bot writers into thinking otherwise.

    But now that it all happened, I'm kind of happy it did. I'm seeing good progress lately (especially in the bot store). Hopefully we can keep it going. :)
  8. Bro I don't know if what you did was good but I loved it haha, I've put all my hopes in RuneMate for it to become the reference when it comes to RS botting, we are slowly getting there :)
  9. guys at the end only future facts will proof something to everybody... so Stop blaming and work on scripts bots :)
  10. I agree, Powerbot is a complete piece of shit. I'm still confused to how many people are still brainwashed by them.
    The mods are very corrupt and take personal problems into account when assessing people, Paris is a cunt to the whole community bar the ones that lick his Asian asshole.

    Although i don't post much here yet, the community is far nicer and judging from you wrote alot more open than Powerbot.

    Onward and upwards i say.
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  11. Maybe I was a bit over-aggressive, but I sure as hell got a kick out of it :p
  12. From the posts I've read on their forums, it makes me wonder if we even really want them to script bot here. While this may not hold true to all developers, from what I've seen from the majority of the outspoken is that they don't seem very open to reason and instead act on emotion. It makes me question if having those people joining this community would truly be best for our the forums. Sure, we may have more people writing scripts bots and a bigger user base, but our forums would become no better than the powerbot forums. This is why I think people should hold off on pushing RuneMate onto other userbases, having to discover RuneMate on it's own has kind of acted as a filter for the undesirable so far and helped grow a nice community. If we just let RuneMate run it's course over the next while and allow people to trickle here slowly we can hopeful encourage a less asshole-ish community by maintaining that idea from the get go.
  13. I'd like to comment on this from my experience at Tribot. I was not one of the first members there, I was however one of the first to move to that community directly after the bot nuke when the only real working client was Runedream. Tribot at this point had one active moderator and zero scripts bots. There were a couple of other active users and we had a very close community that was a lot like this one. A some point, something happened at OSbot or whatever it was at the time and they shut down completely which absolutely flooded Tribot with 07 bitches. At that point it turned basically into a PB like community filled with dumb questions and people being assholes. Now the Staff at TB is considerably better than PB and Trilez actually provides regular updates, but I think that assholery and "meh" forums just come once the user base hits a certain size.

    So you are right though, hopefully with people trickling in, there won't be an influx of too much stupid shit all at once and we can slowly grow while maintaining the integrity of the community.
  14. Just so we're clear, I only PMed script bot writers that I knew were chill.
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  15. I'm not going to be one sided because RSBot was a good bot back in '09 when I started botting. It was at its peak. Equipped with staff (Arbiter, Fury, Jacmob) that then went on to make RSBuddy it just spiraled down since they left.
    I think that their lack of dedication is the final nail in their coffin, thought I doubt it will shut down any time soon.
  16. Wow, you never PMed me. This hurts my feels mang
  17. I did. Coma probably deleted my messages.
  18. expect the expected

    powerbot sucks.
  19. Was convinced as soon as I came here that RuneMate was a better client. I too have come from PB, only under a new name :)

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