RS3 What the best equipment/item for health regeneration?

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  1. I want to be able to last forever at a location, so what is the best way for healing without having to bank for food.
  2. What're your general levels and the levels of the NPCs?
  3. All combat stats 75-85. 60 Prayer. 40 Summoning.

    Edit: Target monster level 70-100
  4. Guthans is your best bet from my prior knowledge.
  5. Either Guthans or bring sara brews and restores
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  6. Well I found this.

    /thread methinks
  7. Nice find, however requires 90 Slayer, 80 Crafting, & Roving Elves + More Quests.
  8. Doesn't require 90 slayer crafting can be assisted and no quest reqs
    I have been using this ever since I started botting and I love it, never have to make food runs :)
  9. Oh it's just a task not an actual req to kill? & I forgot about the assist system. I'll DEFINITELY be picking this up then.
  10. You need to buy the blood necklace shard, it might be 90 slayer to kill the monster that drops it but its only like 8m now (was like 40 when I bought it) so just buy it combine with fury and never bank for food again :)
  11. Edimmu are level 90 Slayer creatures found in the Edimmu resource dungeon in Prifddinas. They can only be fought while on a slayer assignment, and players will not receive an edimmu assignment unless they are able to enter the dungeon. Edimmu are assigned by Duradel/Lapalok, Kuradal and Morvran. They will attack with both magic and melee, and occasionally heal 25% of the damage they deal in combat. Their ashes can be collected in an infernal urn. Killing them has a rare chance to spawn a more powerful edimmu. Wearing a ring of wealth will increase the chances of a powerful edimmu spawning.

    Ah I'm a darkscape player, so it'll be VERY expensive, I'll grab it myself. A close friend is almost 80 Slayer. So it shouldn't be too long.
  12. you also need 115 dunge to enter that dungeon :/ rip
  13. RIP

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