What the hell is this ?

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  1. This bot sucks.
    1. Just so no one will be able to point any sort of blame at me /or my intelligence, let me start by saying that, I play runescape more than I bot it, so of course I have the latest Java.
    2. You have no real instructions on how to set the bot up, or how to maintain it. In fact, the only sort of help I did find on this bot was 'If the bot is not working, its most likely a problem with the script bot. Contact the creator for more help'
    3. Allocate more ram ? Why do I have to do that in the first place. Why is this program so resource hungry. Why when running runemate, my system says it using 34% of resources avaiilable. Im coming from a long list of bots, that hands down ran more efficiently than runemate. RSBOT/Powerbot, Tribot, Topbot, and RiD. Only reason im not using RiD is because they are in the middle of an upgrade. But anyways, why do I have to allocate more of my ram just so a program can click for me while im sleep,
    4. This bot does nothing but click up and down the coast, or up and down the fishing guild, or w.e the hell I place it, it clicks up and down. No botting gets done.
    5. My system isnt a piece of shit either. intel 17 4810, clocked @ 2.8, can boost to like 3.6 ghz i think. 12 gb of ram, geforce 970m. It should be able to run this smooth without any issue whatsoever.
    6. Why the hell isnt there any real help on this forum ?
  2. there is a guide and if you do not like it leave
  3. This bot is shit. Until proven otherwise. They spent too much time on the GUI, and not enough on simple mechanics. I could be wrong, but this definitely isnt an injection bot, and the reflection patterns are clearly out of wack.,

    Someone here needs to create a video/guide showing how to set this bot up. Or what graphics to change in the runes cape options, or if you need to be on a fixed screen, or maybe if you need to be in safe mode. or w.e you need to make this run.. Plus besides my setup, I run the majority of my bots on walmart type setups on my dads server, so that every piece of hardware I have is able to 'allocate' more ram..
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  5. Lol, you wot m8?
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  6. First of all: the client is still in beta. So you're going to have accept certain temporary fixes such as allocating more RAM for now. You say we have no real instructions on how to set up the client or maintain it. This is because there is no specific way to set it up; safe mode, DirectX, EoC, Legacy mode.. RuneMate does it all. Unless the bot author specifies a specific setup, you're good to go with whatever you prefer. The client updates itself when you start it, so there really isn't any "maintaining" either.

    If you're wondering why you should contact the bot author for issues with their bot, then sit down and take a moment to think about that one real hard. This isn't RiD, where RiD wrote all scripts bots by himself. Every bot here has it's own author and they can help you. Sooner or later we'll have over a hundred scripts bots if we don't already and that number will only grow. Do you expect the site staff to keep track of all of them and to know how to set them up all perfectly? I hope not. Else you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

    You blame RuneMate, the client, for a non-functioning bot. What you should have done is mention that the bot is outdated on the bot it's forum page and possibly tag @Arbiter and @Cloud like this. They will then look into it and decide wether the bot should be removed from the bot store or not. This isn't a shoe store where the staff will ask if you need anything out of nowhere. You can get all the help you need, but you're going to have to ask for it first.
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  7. Sure cry more while I'm raking in the money and the 99's.
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  8. You're not wrong, you're just an asshole.
  9. Nah hes wrong, i can run it 6-15 hours a day flawless
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  10. Two step guide on how to set up runemate:
    1: Install the latest Java version (currently version 8 update 25)
    2: Run the RuneMate.jar file you downloaded on this site

    Thats it, If there is anything why the bot shouldnt work then, it is a problem on your computer, for those problems you can ask for help by posting a topic in the client support, which you obviously didnt, so dont say nobody is helping you.
  11. Alright mate, you could have stated your point without making yourself look like an ass but it's your decision if you want to publicly make yourself look foolish.

    To start with, RuneMate does use a lot more resources than traditional clients. There are several reasons for this and they vary slightly depending on which game mode we're discussing.

    If we're talking about RS3, it uses more cpu because it's constantly calculating the projection viewport (how constantly varies depending on the script bot). This is planned to be redone sometime after RC1.

    Regarding memory usage on RS3, the majority is caused by the game itself. The rest is caused by two things done by the client which are the graph navigation system and the jagex cache reader.

    The graph navigation system is "bloated", but not in a bad way. The reason I say it's "bloated" is because it contains more data than is needed, however it only results in more natural paths if the bot uses it correctly (we use the term bot when referring to a published script bot). This is planned to be redone in the near future (in fact it's already began).

    Regarding the cache reader, this is what gives us a giant advantage over other botting clients. It allows us to know information about the game that hasn't been loaded yet.

    Now regarding your statement that we're not an injection client, you're right. We're a reflection client, and we do it better than anyone else. We take advantage of all the data available to us and use about 500 different access points into the game. We combine that data with the data that we can access from the cache reader to deliver the most powerful API for developers to utilize. If they use it properly than our bots are by far the best, if they don't than you shouldn't complain about it to me because it's not my fault.
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  12. I do admit it was a bit dodgy when I first started here. But within 4 days cloud had fixed all the problems and I can easily run it 24/7 now with no bans.

    I swear my motto is USE YOUR BRAIN!
  13. @skrall, enjoy. I dont actually play runescape anymore for 99's, seeing as I HAVE a MAXED MAIN, and played rs for over 10 years now legitimately. I kill high level bosses for drops from time to time with friends, but for the most part, I bot purely for irl profit.
    @Shinji, ill say again, my Java is updated. Trust me, I have been goldfarming for some years now. trust me. Its updated. It is not a problem on my computer sorry. This thing has ran a million other bots with no problem. As i said, if the ban rate was low, I probably wouldnt even be here. If the new RiD bot was released, I probably wouldnt even be here.
    @GOD , there is no 'guide' lmao. Just a 3 sentence post where one of the post says something like "If the bot doesnt work, check the author of the script bot. Its not the bots fault"
    @roflcopter19 , thanks -_-
  14. >needs instructions to run the bot

    here u go m8
    download runemate
    double click it
    start script bot

    now how hard was that, even wyd could figure it out :rolleyes:
  15. @dog, thanks for being a smart-ass. Most bots do need some sort of special setup ( old school layout, thin headers, etc) to work efficiently. That was the basis of my first post, since the 'guide' that is posted is so much help. I was just trying to figure out if there was some sort of special setup to the game I had to follow. Trust me, Ive been trying to get this to work for some days now...
  16. After opening the bot it should inform you if you need to disable slim headers :rolleyes:

    The instructions are there.
  17. Yea I do really trust you, but still, I dont know what your problem actually is, is it that the client is not working or the scripts bots?
  18. @Shinji, I was using MaxiFisher, the bot just runs up and down the coast, until it hogs up enough memory which forces it to close. I have a quadcore processor so I admit, I leave alot of things running at once. So when I closed everything and gave my rig a fresh restart, I expected the bot to run optimally. 15 mins later, Its running up and down the coast of catherby again, and hasnt fished once. 30 mins later, and some annoyance later. Its sucking up over 50% of my available resources... 5 mins after that force close. GF bot.
  19. @Dog, you are so fucking smart bro. What would this community do without your services ? Maybe i just need to shoot my college degree's away and not even try to get my bachelors. Apparently im a dumbass who hasnt tried any of those things you so expertly mentioned. -_-

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