What's currently the safest dung bot to use ?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Microsoft, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Please only reply if you have proof of it being safe.
    In example: You've used the bot for a while, etc...
  2. Ive used Celestial rooftops on my main acc ( lvl 122) 1 - 70 and 1 - 60
    ive used alpha pest control to get 2 x full void + all helms
    ive used maxi fletcher to get 1 - 95 fletching on a lvl 100 account

    no bans no warnings
  3. you may not have noticed because of his shorthand but he said dungeoneering
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  4. Nice dank meme, bro. Everyone knows "dung" stands for listing your favorite RS activities.
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  7. We have fun here. :)
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  8. omg xd sorry was late dident see
  9. post in the correct section noob

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