RS3 What's the best fishing xp/hr

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  1. I have 71 fishing, just botted flys and lobsters and noticed that they are pretty much the same xp (Considering the rates of salmon to trout are fixed now)

    So any faster ways?
  2. if you are p2p, fishing at baxtorian falls is best xp/hr, if f2p, continue with salmon/trout.
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  3. Why not fishing guild since their's a bank? im 88 fishing doing sharks tho
  4. Because baxtorian falls is faster experience while fishing guild gives more profit.
  5. Icic. Is there a bank or is it just fish and drop?
  6. Fish & Drop considering they're worthless
  7. If you want the fastest xp on RS3, you need The Light Within for the Crystallise spell and do fly fishing at Barbarian village. It's about 100k an hour, or more at higher levels.
  8. I THOUGH TIT WASNT because the xp seems shared with agility and strength too
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  11. I though you were banned
  12. i was yes. I come back now with a different perspective. I am learning to make bots and try be more less stupid they say you can't fix stupid so we will see.
  13. Good luck :)
    And yeah, the fishing xp gained from barbarian fishing can easily be beaten by crystallising fishing spots (will be implemented in celestial fisher btw;) )
  14. im not really play runescape so I have really low noob account. I use your celestrial fish bot to gain more levels. at the moment im lvl 53 fishing

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