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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Typicality, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Typicality, and I'm new here.

    I have a history of making bots, on multiple sites. I recently came back to RS (2007). I just came across this site and it looks very well done and high quality. There are not many bots right now and I would love to make more as I really enjoy it.

    My only problem is, only 3 of the bots I saw were premium and they were all RS3 bots. If I make a bot I'd like to make it well and be proud of it, as it will represent me. And making a bot well takes time. I just don't see what the incentive is to make them. So here are my questions:

    @Bot makers: Why do you make bots, whats your motivation?
    @Bot users: What kind of things would you be willing to pay for?

    Thanks for all input back.
  2. I've been involved in botting communities for over 6 years. Not sure what my motivation used to be, I simply enjoyed it and always did it for absolutely nothing. I think I still would do it for free, but having the option to make extra money from it motivates me that extra bit to deliver.
  3. Not to mention the dank team we have motivates each other to make more scripts bots ;)
  4. True, and it's much more fun working with other people as well. Things we create together really feel a bit more special, like our paint. :p
  5. What I would pay well for is a bot that does farm runs for either game.

    Welcome to the forums by the way. I hope you enjoy your stay. What sites have you been writing bots for in the past?
  6. The main reason there are so few premium bots is that they just recently started accepting applications for premium ~a week ago.

    aside from that, some people just enjoy programming and/or contributing.
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  7. Another reason, our lead developer @Cloud is very strict with the premium applications, it takes a fairly long time for a bot to be premium ready.
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  8. I'm just getting in to making bots, and i won't call myself a bot developer yet. But its fun to make them and seeing people use your scripts bots ;)
  9. I make bots more as a hobby than anything else, it's fun writing code and then being able to see it in action. :D
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  10. Wow. Thanks for all the replies so fast.
    @EvilCabbage - RSBuddy and Powerbot mostly.

    And to all the people who said they code for fun, I wish I had the luxury so spend a ton of hours making bots. But I need to pay the rent and right now that means making websites for people (shoutout to Ruby on Rails). I really miss making bots and would love to return to it and if I have some free time I might start hacking something together. Between the website and the community here I am super impressed and hope to join you "Bot Author"s (not script bot writer anymore, eh?) in the future.

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  11. I would pay for premium script bot worth the profit since i left legit playing behind me.
  12. Arbi is a jew and changed it xD I defiantly prefer script bot.
  13. curry man* definitely* bot*
  14. I would pay for:

    Farming bot
    Divination bot (ily defeated)
    Slayer bot (!!)
    Clan citadel bot
    Construction bot including ALL items
    Dungeoneering bot
    A boss-bot (Bandos GWD is easily campable when you have high stats)
    Rorarii bot (you can include other minions like gladii, etc)
    Mercher bot (I don't merch but could be highly profitable > should be prem or support only)
    AIO Prifddinas
    Quest bot
  15. I make bots for practice in programming
  16. Next to my full time job as a webdeveloper I like to code java now and then as a distraction. It's fun to see people use your bots.
  17. ^^ This. It's literally the only reason I started developing bots.
    In fact, I hate everything about Runescape except its quests.
    Even though I would like to keep developing bots, this 16-year old has stopped because of a pressing need to move forward with his career in preparation for college.

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