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  1. Are you botting? Answer
  2. my friend hacked my 10 year account and got it perm banned
  3. Because I enjoy playing Runescape when I can do things like PVM, high level Slayer etc. but don't enjoy the grind of getting levels for requirements or GP to buy expensive items
  4. Because I'm a lazy shit. But love bossing haha
  5. Just to get rid of the boring skills, as in, doing the same thing over and over again. I love to do interactive skills/afkable ones myself tho
  6. awesome replies :D
  7. To test my code.
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  8. I bot for multiple reasons.

    It's just unfair if you don't bot, there are so many people that skip the grind and level insanely fast so if you can't beat them then join them?
  9. had me at "How to use Runemate Spectre:"

    I was laughing so much :D
  10. The real question: why shouldn't you be botting?
  11. Stats gives me boner!
  12. Becuz
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  13. To catch up the people that have abused early Jagex releases (cfr. Gizmo shells method with training Invention) as I actually don't have the time to 24/7 RS because I have friends, a girlfriend and school.
  14. To RS and have a life. I don't enjoy grinding, so any repetitive boring tasks are getting botted lol. That and I'm excited for the task of writing my own bots soon.

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