Wizards bot challenge - Take part and earn amazing prizes! COMP HAS STARTED! STILL TIME TO ENTER

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  1. So a few days back I decided to come back, albeit semi forever (moving house soon, back up old beautiful North Yorkshire! land of gravy lads!) and I decided to finally hang up the old bug abusing, runescape gambling and the like and concentrate on what made me stay in the first place - Bots! especially the wonderfully creative and very talented people running this site (I use only two sites, this one and RiD (not advertising) - I only use the other site due to friends I keep in contact with).

    So the challenge is this - New account + one specific script bot = Rewards

    Pretty simple! I/we will all create throwaways/old accounts - The names of these accounts will be posted to myself or a moderator for fairness (tracking). We will state what script bot we will use and then it's the good old race!.

    This will be a duration of 4 weeks - Prizes will be randomly given out according to results/achievements.

    Some of the prizes up for grabs are below, I cannot win any prizes but will enter for the fun and give you guys and girls a challenge :D.

    Prize tier band 1
    - 2-5 Bonds for 50% of a 99 in either RS3/07RS
    - 20-50M RS3 gold / Equivalent in 07RS
    Prize tier band 2
    - 5-8 Bonds for 75% of a 99 in either RS3/07RS
    - 75M OR Easter Egg + GP = RS3 - 15M/19M 07RS
    Prize tier band 3
    - 10-12 Bonds for 92% of a 99 in either RS3/07RS
    - 100M RS3 + 2 bonds - 22.5-27M 07RS

    And for those of you who either make it the full four weeks/99

    Raffle conducted on a live stream and prizes will be as follows

    - $30-50 Runemate credit
    - 225M RS3 gold
    - Signature created by my friends (is good stuff) for use on Runemate
    - 5 X easter eggs/2 X Santa + other goods
    - 2 X $25 Visa gift cards

    - All entries must post evidence - Screenshot showing the title of this thread + In game stats + showing the date 15/03/2016
    - You can earn experience before the start date on the 15th HOWEVER this cannot be in the chosen skill.
    - All skills are available
    - You must state the chosen script bot
    - You will earn a tier reward regardless of when you are banned - Example - You reach Tier 2 but are banned/fail before the allotted time - You will still be in Tier 2.
    - You are only allowed ONE ENTRY.
    - You are only allowed ONE script bot

    Competition start date - 15th March 2016
    Competition end date - 15th April 2016

    Happy botting and good luck to anyone who does decide to enter.
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  2. I might join, however, tests are coming up this week:(

    Also, f2p or p2p?
  3. Pretty cool idea you got going here!
  4. F2P is a pretty cool idea, may increase rewards for f2p seeing as the risk is slightly higher.
  5. So do I get this right? It's a competition of who gains the most xp in 4 weeks with botting (and only botting)?
  6. Only botting, only one entry (You get banned you get placed in to the appropriate reward tier).
  7. How do you ensure no one is playing legit instead of botting?
  8. I'm in!
  9. Must show beginning stats, with time stamp, show the bot you are using etc. It's stated in the rules and as someone who used bots for 5+ years I'm pretty well adapted at knowing exp/hr ratios to be able to tell. Plus it's a fun competition that showed be about fun not just rewards, remember our successes help prolong our abilities to continue botting.
  10. What are the restrictions on bot selection? If someone has a private bot would it be excluded from the competition. I ask as I was considering porting one of my bots to run in the RuneMate ecosystem and could do so before the start of this competition.

    What about funding the character? You state we can earn xp on the account prior (in other skills) so are we allowed to prep the accounts bank?
  11. Would be fair if everyone started with a fresh acc 1 in all skills.
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  12. I think that is the best option. Requires almost no preparation for competitors, meaning more competitors. Also doesn't give people an unfair advantage.
  14. I will be playing, however I will be starting a bit late as I have to finish converting my bot to work in RuneMate. New account will be created in a bit and proof posted.
  15. Do we forward screenshots to your PM? I mean leaving the name on this thread isn't really a good idea.
  16. Yes all par participants must either post screenshots here or via inbox. I'll be updating the thread every 12-24 hours.
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    I'll be posting my progress although I cannot enter my own competition.

    Official entrants (those who have submitted the required evidence for entry)

    - Bertrand
    - m1551337
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  17. What script bot do we need to use?
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    osrs or rs3?
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  18. BUMP!

    More people should compete!
  19. Would this be limited to RuneMate v1? Not sure if Testers using Spectre would be deemed an unfair advantage.

    Also, are we limited to bot store bots?

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