Woodcutting proggy

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  1. Dat 5 hour proggy.

    2014.12.20 report 2.0

    2014.12.23 report 3.0

    2014.12.26 report 4.0


    2015.01.01 report 5.0

    2015.01.02 FINAL REPORT


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  2. wow 5 hour? mine didnt make it to 2 hours before it got banned =( how does banning work anyway?
  3. What! You got banned ermagherd :/ makes me nervous haha.
  4. There's a lot of things that go into bans. Due to the nature of this client I'd assume it was more associated with a pattern, were you F2P or P2P?
  5. Yeah, I try to combine WC and FM to achieve more "moves" so to speak, to make it more human-like I guess.
  6. it was f2p. i did not just do wc i was doing combat aswell for 2 hour log out for 6 hours then log in back to use wc script bot then ban happen 2 hours later
  7. Strange, maybe you were reported?
  8. no but i did check my surrounding they seem to bot aswell
  9. now im really paranoid to use a client type bot. :confused:
  10. I've been botting Woodcutting too but not banned. wc is now 70. F2p
  11. Start fresh make a throwaway account and bot it.
  12. Posting progress later today, don't wanna report for every level so this way is more dramatical.
  13. Play on an account which is not a newly created account also dont bot on an ip which has had an account banned on it before.
  14. I'll write a 'how to bot safely' guide later :)
  15. Nice! I was gonna post one, but the script bot crashed randomly ;S
  16. how do i change ip anyway?
  17. Turn of your router (a box whit cables to a device :D) wait 10-60 minutes before turning it on again and you should have a new ip adress.

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