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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by sahas10, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Currently all the OSRS cooking bots do not work. Could anyone make one that cooks shrimp/anchovies at Al-Kharid
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  2. fixed/working cooking bot for osrs would be blessed (y)
  3. If you guys wanna give me some specific UI requirements i would be glad to try and make one! Seems easy enough.
    Just tell me these things.

    1. What are the places that you and others will be using.
    2. How would you like to choose the food to cook (Type name, select from list...)
    3. Any other recommendations...

    Please @me so that i can get back to you ASAP and begin working on it!
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    @sahas10 and @sydney1411 , i am beginning this bot. I would like to have your feedback asap so that this bot is to your liking when i publish it. So far i have not gotten anywhere, but i am about to start the UI, which will decide how i go making this bot. Please give me some specifics.
  4. @awesome123man
    Thanks for taking this on!

    1. 2 most common places are probably al kharid and rogues den
    2. I personally prefer drop down lists but idk bout others and it doesnt matter much to me
    3. things that could be included: xp tracker, how much food cooked vs burned,
  5. Alright, I like the idea of food cooked vs burned. XP tracker is almost always a given and will be included. I will probably start this with Al Kharid, as i am currently not a member and would not be able to test rogues den. But i will see if i can get something working tonight :D
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    Here is preliminary design. upload_2016-6-6_0-33-48.png
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  6. Thanks a ton for doing this. Could you make a bot that cooks food by using it on the Al-Kharid range? As for the UI could it be something like a list with the names of foods. @awesome123man
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  7. My Rogue's Den one will be on the store after next push, and will support almost all fish.
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  8. Thats great but as a f2p player I couldnt use it
  9. Not sure I understand the advantage of levelling cooking as a F2P player unless you're an ironman :p
  10. Doing it so i can get to anchovy pizzas as a money maker (to eventually get bonds)
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    Looks great and yeah Al-Kharid is good
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    @awesome123man Any update? Thanks again.
  11. Getting there. I am trying to get the bot to do the cooking and banking now. :)
  12. Ok thanks!
  13. I may just make an area to enter the food you want to cook. It seems easier and would work for any food.
  14. Yeah that would be great.
  15. Making progress! So far it can withdraw from bank and select the food. But clicking the range is difficult, because there are people in front of it. Working on it. :D
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    Got past that, now just need to tweak the interactions and walking, then should be done! Also need to make the UI show everything correctly.
  16. Ok thanks
  17. Thought i
    would tell you that Al Kharid is now running smoothly! All that is left is keeping track or burned/cooked and skills for the UI and then i will publish this!!! :D Hopefully it will be out tomorrow sometime.
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  18. Ayy! Thanks man this really helps.
  19. Just warning you ahead of time. First release is going to be full of bugs! I am not good at testing since all my accounts are newly created...
  20. Ok thats fine
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    Well if you're planning on adding other features in the future could i request a feature that makes anchovy pizzas? Withdraw 14 plain pizzas and 14 anchovies from bank, combine them and repeat. Thanks!
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    Will do. This has been a huge help to me and probably many others.

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