Would this ever be possible?

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Pure, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. To have the client work a lot like OSbuddy's. To have all the tools it offers implemented into bot client. I feel like this would be revolutionary for a bot client to support.
  2. I am not familiar with the OSBuddy "tools" you are referring to. If you give us more details and if they are features of merit we'll be sure to include them. In the meantime have you checked on the Development Toolkit in SDK mode?
  3. Our development toolkit already includes everything a developer could likely ever need, if there's anything we're missing we'll be glad to add it :)
  4. i think that he is referring to the tools osbuddy provides for players rather than scripting tools.
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  5. If so, sounds like a great plugin system idea for any developer to have a go at. ;)
  6. Exactly what i was talking about. I feel this would be an awesome addition to the client. It would put you guys above any other botting client to be honest. @Arbiter @Cloud

    Trigoon were you the one with the insane abysspro script bot?
  7. Can you give me examples of what these are?
  8. I think he is talking about the skill tracker that is on the right side of the client which shows all the skills and stuff, tracks gp gained with little windows and stuff, and quickhop
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  9. Stuff like this. Have this like preloaded into the client also. This literally put you into both markets for a client people would be looking for. It would also attract more non botters into maybe botting to.

  10. We've considering having a branched "legit" client in the past, but we've also discussed how a merged client wouldn't attract many new users because they wouldn't want to be associated with a "botting client"
  11. hmmmm that is true. Maybe having this implemented into the bot would attract more people to this website/client in general though. Would make it seem like a whole lot more high quality of a client.

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