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    Zamorak Wings (wing cosmetic)
    Beachwear outfit
    Titan armour outfit
    Eastern outfit
    Envoy of Order outfit
    Jas Hands (glove cosmetic)
    Audience shirt (body cosmetic)
    Valkyrie spear (weapon cosmetic)
    Book of faces (head cosmetic)
    Flaming skull in red, green, blue, purple (head cosmetic)
    Valkyrie helmet (head cosmetic)
    Acrobat hat (head cosmetic)
    Audience hat (head cosmetic)

    1x Enchanted bunny egg (last forever)
    1000x crafting catalyst
    200x protean traps
    Archon chest
    Archon tassets
    Archon gloves
    Artisan boots
    Hati cloak
    Hati Head
    Hati paws
    Unused Radient alchemist amulet
    Ghostly guard head
    Ghostly guard armour
    Ghostly guard trousers
    Ghostly guard gloves
    Ghostly guard boots
    Jolly Roger cape
    Skoll amulet
    Ghostly fisher gloves
    Ghostly fisher hat
    Ghostly fisher trousers
    Ghostly fisher boots
    Ghostly fisher jacket
    Ghostly princess blouse
    Ghostly princess skirt
    Ghostly princess hat
    Ghostly princess gloves
    Ghostly princess shoes
    Ghostly druidic robe top
    Ghostly druidic rob bottom
    Ghostly druidic boots
    Ghostly druidic gloves
    Ghostly druidic head
    Ledenhosen shorts
    Ledenhosen top
    Ledenhosen hat x2
    Toy royal battleship
    Eagle cape
    Shaman's moccasins
    First age ring
    100x clean torstol herb
    Herbal Cape (t)

    Potions on account:
    1185x overload (4)
    2392x adrenaline potion (4)
    308x extreme attack (3)
    159x extreme ranging (3)
    1404x extreme strength (3)
    406x extreme defense (3)

    Membership until April 16th
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    If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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  2. much you looking for?
  3. add me on skype and we can talk dylanea1893
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  4. 2$ USD

    No offers so I thought I'd throw in mine:)
  5. lol well i appreciate the effort ;)
  6. So no previous offenses at all? And can you PM me a price, because I cbf negotiating?

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