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  1. So there's this Youtuber called "A Friend" has pretty popular in the RS YouTube seen. Well I believe he bots.

    No proof, just speculations but I got this channel and on the channel the guy codes cheats for games.

    It's "A Friend" I'm positive 100%

    Sorry for the mobile link as I'm on my phone but what do you think?

    I bot, I know a lot of people who bot. Nothing wrong with that but this guy has went on a bot busting rampage reporting bots left and right to Jagex. I find it hypocritical, I could be wrong as I said no proof but when you think about it has known for grinding multiple accounts really high in virtually no time.

    On the side he owns a channel where he codes cheats (account description) and hacks into games. I just don't see much of a difference between the two. If I was to get I would say he has been coding his own bot or at least scripts bots.
  2. I doubt he cheats, since he never loses playing time during bot down time. The youtubers that typically bot will become less active once they get a temp ban or there is bot down time / high detection rates. Guys like this fegget:
  3. The link is fine.I don't know, I think "A Friend's" accent is stronger.
  4. I remember that video use to watch the guys. I'm not saying A Friend bots because I simply don't know, cheating in one game and cheating in another are similar. For all I know he could play seriously on one account but have 5-10 bots on darkscape or iron man. He's used accounts once or twice before and never brought them back.

    It's just minor speculation but I do feel it's in the realm of possibility.
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    There is other videos they might be a better example I watched a few related to the G2A steam keys that's how I found the channel. The channels name is "PCtrainers" I've seen maybe 5 videos and I'm certain it's him. If you disagree maybe try a few other it could have been just a bad example as I just grabbed that one at random.
  5. I am very sure this is A Friend in the video.

    But seriously, who cares? I have absolutely no ethical problem with botting or cheating in games, if the game companies forbid to bot or forbid to glitch, they should really work on their game mechanics to suppress those exploits.

    Unless it is unfair against other players, like aim bots or so, but I don't find a reason why botting gives you an advantage against other players in runescape...
  6. He's reported bots left and right. Its not the idea if he bots that I really care about but he's a popular RS youtuber that reports a lot of bots directly to Jagex to have them banned.

    I'm sorry as I some times have a hard time explaining what I mean but my thought process is if he bots yet reports others for botting it's hypocritical.
  7. My respect for him just increased.
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  8. Hahahahaha, nice one. I watched one video of him yesterday, now I'm going to see more :v
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  9. Yeah, its him, he sayed in one recent vid that something wasn't against the rules and.... :
    Playing Runescape on 20 accounts AT ONCE - YouTube
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    OSBuddy is a bot client like RuneMate?
    So he recorded a video showing that he bots?
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    Lol, I'll start a RS channel too
  10. OSBuddy is 100% legit doe
  11. I just play RS3, and for like, ~1 month
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    But the e-mail with his name...
  12. Its 3rd party software so should be against the TOS, but if they start banning its users Rs will be empty the next day.
  13. Oh is it still against the rules?
  14. This is his second channel.
    Nothing much to find there, there's nothing wrong with the channel since he doesn't bot/hack on runescape so i don't see why jagex should do anything wrong to him.

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