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  1. Well, I've made it like 3 times so far, (rsbot, rsbuddy, and just random work for like tribot or something like 2 years ago), BUT time for a fresh take and such!

    If you were on major botting sites a few years back (primarily 2009-2012) (very lightly in 2013-2014), then you may have seen my projects before. Though my last take on dungeoneering only worked for comp 6 up to like floors 30 or something like that.

    But I'm saying what the hell and attempting to go back and just start fresh, I could dig up my old progress (many hours of work that could save me), but whats the fun in that when you want something to work better than before, you can't copy it or your bound to not exceed what is possible.

    Soo intro done, tiny background on past, time for what I am doing so far.

    - Detect ring in inventory OR Equipment

    - Can start anywhere in the RS3 that allows you to use a Tele as it will detect if its in a dungeon, if not it will use the ring wherever you are to get there.

    - Ledge jumping after exit

    - Detecting when to prestige / the ability to prestige when it hits that point

    - Entering the dungeon
    • Now IT PRESTIGES when max floor has been hit, so it will alway repeat up to the highest floor
    • Selects complexity based of input or script bot limitations (trial = Max 4)
    • Selects the floor that you should be at if its not right (max floor allowed = 11)

    - Loots start for food + coins
    • Fully Navigates the dungeon, after selecting a room, will find the shortest path to it
    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So compt 1-4 soon.
    • Map dungeon, it fully maps + able to know where to go. (Now it just needs to have puzzles / bosses programmed)
    • Fighting 90% - Eats the right amount. (Needs to prioritize higher level npcs + use threshhold / ultimate abilities
    - Completes full dungeon (Comp 1-4 right now)
    • Will do the above and fully complete frozen floors (1-11)
    • Updates for next dungeon so it completes 1-11 straight :)

    - Lazy dungeon finisher - Start a solo dungeon on your own? No worries, instead of going through a fresh start, it will teleport back to the smuggler, and re-walk through the dungeon until it finds where to finish. (Assuming it may take 5-10 minutes depending how far you were soloing yourself) (92% done The bots being developed with this in mind, so just need to add the Teleport functionality)

    - Combat (Most likely won't use legacy system, unless I see a reason why its superior) (90% done)
    • Currently will run to an NPC and start fighting it
    • Will eat the most appropriate food when hp becomes low enough

    - Smuggler Interaction

    • Buy food
    • Sell items
    • Low EXP skilling, Smithing may be the only one worth it, but I've made a in dungeon farmer before, its not too bad.
    • Not really much else needed?
    - Looting System.
    • Loot only if the rooms has no further doors + has a key in it. (Run from combat to loot)
    • Loot after all Npc's are dead in room.
    • Prioitize keys so it will pickup even with full inv.
    • Eat if low on health to pickup more food.
    • Item upgrading / Pickup clothes if none are bound to a slot so it gets bonus stats.
    • Item binding from user customization
    - Puzzles (This will eventually be a puzzles to do list instead of the methods to make list)
    • Detect Puzzle room / Make sure items required are had
    • Using abstract classing to easily make each puzzle/room customizable (75% done)
    • Looting after puzzle solved
    - Bosses (This will eventually be a bosses to do list instead of the methods to make list)
    • Make sure items required are had for any specific bosses
    • Solve boss puzzles while fighting
    • Once killed boss, end screen + start new dung
    • Astea Frostweb, Icy Bones, Luminescent icefiend, Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz, Gluttonous behemoth, To'Kash the Bloodchiller

    Unfinished, working on / not enough tests to confirm completed, Completed
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  2. Sounds great man, haven't seen your work before but i look forward to seeing your progress on this. Also, welcome to RuneMate! :)
  3. I appreciate it! After doing my google search, it looks like my projects were 2011, I made one of the real first FDK scripts bots (April 2011)

    http://www.powerbot.org/community/topic/682102-iconicdungeon/ Is my old thread (April 2012), seems I did up to floors 44. I hope this isn't advertising since the script bot isn't even released there / works, just want to share some history.
  4. Hey, get on skype! OMG in that thread it has the logo on my bot client lolol.
  5. Most likely cause you switched out the image on the host lol, and my main pc crashed, using a limited resources pc so no skype lol
  6. No no no, i remember asking you to post it there :p pretty sure anyway... Why else would you host one of my images :p
  7. You used to do my logo's / images lol... That was a release thread, and all my release threads I posted the script bot title fancy at the top
  8. Whattt, did i really used to do graphics? So you are saying that you did post the bot link at the top of the page?
  9. Na man all good. We don't care if you talk about other clients here :)
  10. You made like my dynamic siggies or something lol, but no, that image used to be something else, but I'm sure you over-wrote it at some point lol, clicking it just goes to dropbox where the image is.

    ^^^^^^^ "Paint: I would love to give 100% credit of the epic paint to frazboyz" on that thread

    And great :)
  11. Nooo, never overwrote anything in dropbox. Probably stopped using dropbox around the time that thread was created also.
    Just to prove that it was never 'overwritten' drop box does have a file history.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 21, 2015, Original Post Date: Jun 21, 2015 ---
    And let me see this paint, i don't think none of the paints on the thread work? All 404'd etc.
  12. Welcome back fellow oldfag. Very excited to see how this project progresses. Sharpening your programming skills is the best way to spend a summer. PM me your Skype so I can add you to the chat when you're on a less restricted computer. :)
  13. .
    [​IMG] - FOUND ONE

    Hehe, thanks man
  14. Ehh dont recall :p i think you may of added the link in of bot when you went in-active on powerbot. Pretty sure i asked you to haha. I dont care anyway.

    Welcome back to scripting! Catch up on skype some time.
  15. Good luck with this dung bot
  16. I will definitely try this script bot out once it's released! Good luck, man!
  17. Updated, script bot will get to the boss room of straight-forward dungeoneons that don't need to be backtracked right now
  18. You'll make a lot of cash off this one;)
  19. Pretty decent update, combat is improved with eating, only fights enemies that can be killed, many many many many more keys supported. (I could be going off item definitions but its easier for organization to store them for me), added skill door support and will remove the door from being enter-able as soon as its found out the skill level required exceeds yours.

    Also lets you know what the next best room is without algorithms from the start. (Cycle through the list for a room to progress farther), need to make one for closest to you.
  20. I can't wait for this script bot! I absolutely need to get chaotic crossbows!!!!!
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