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  1. Hello all!

    Username: Zainy
    Age: 18
    Interests: Computing (although im still a noob), Cars
    Particular skills: :(
    RuneScape Botting History: I started scripting OGL at TRiBot first for RS2 (wayy before 07). Thats where I learnt Java andd scripting which I thank them for. I was a Mod there since I had been a member for a long time. I am still a happy TRiBot member. I would just like to get out of my comfort zone and really test my programming skills in a new client with a new API.Hopefully this would allow me to make a few contributions to this community as well
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  2. Welcome. I'm from UK too :)
  3. Thank you. May i ask whereabouts? :p
  4. Leicester, how about you?
  5. Welcome to RuneMate, enjoy your stay :)
  6. Ah, the English outnumber us all.
    Welcome to the forums. ;)
  7. Welcome mate :D
  8. Welcome to the community. Ask me in case you have any questions.

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