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  1. I'm surprised there's no zulrah bots out there. it's a pretty predictable boss. If someone finds a zulrah bot lmk
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  2. Well for one, that would require very fast reaction time. Something that a bot like Runemate would not be able to handle.
  3. I feel like it is possible. Just difficult as the red said about the timing. But zulrah is predictable, so it is possible! Not gonna be me to make it though lol sorry
  4. true. every bot I use the clicking is often really slow compared to movements when an actual human is paying attention to the game. do you know why that is?
  5. Nope. But it may just be the bot and not runemate.
  6. Yes and im going to put my blame fully on clouse, as their is a chance for the mouse movements can be 2+ seconds, sometimes killing the player
  7. I think it's more due to the interaction method than Clouse itself, if you write a custom interaction method then you should be all g.
  8. Spectres accesses the game in a different way to the old client as well as other clients. As a result of this, method calls are slower than they were before and the majority of the bots on the store are still not updated to be more efficient. On the old version of the client efficiency wasn't an issue so a lot of the time bots weren't written with efficiency in mind. This is why a lot of the current bots might work but are just super slow. So there are two places for improvement. On the client side, which cloud is always working on, but i'm unsure if he will be able to speed things up much more than he already has. And on the bot side, which is up to the bot authors to make their code more efficient.
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  9. ^/thread
  10. Since Zulrah is so predictable it could be done with decent precision, but there are a lot of other projects people are working on so I doubt it will happen anytime soon.
  11. There is a Zulrah bot I know of, but the banrate is absolutely insane.
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  12. Zulrah bot isn't worth it unless you go private...
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