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Aug 23, 2015
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s̶c̶r̶i̶p̶t̶ bot*, from Texas

ApexCrabber has been updated. Refreshing agro has been fixed and traversals in general should be much better now, + more! Jun 30, 2020

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Jul 2, 2022 at 11:47 PM
    1. king k
      king k
      Please message me and let me know if this bot working then I m happy to pay
    2. king k
      king k
      Hi can anyone help me out ?? Does this bot work in rs3
      1. Noah
        This bot does not work for RS3.
        Apr 13, 2022
    3. 1D3AD_THxG3
      I left the bot running over night doing wines and after two hours the failsafe want done no idea but I have my logs from last night
      1. proxi
        Can you post your logs?
        Apr 12, 2022
    4. mxte
      Sorry, I don't seem to be able to reply to you on the botstore.

      Bot running in Draynor fishing shrimp on a new account, using OSRS client (default release pulled from runescape). Bot would net fish the spots, then run to the bank due north and get stuck against the southern wall. I didn't think to save the logs - will run again and see if I can capture some logs.
      1. mxte
        I just re-ran it and it handled Draynor just fine. I don't expect it to mitigate the wizards, but it definitely banked some shrimp.

        Not too sure what happened before, regretting the review that I left, because I cannot change it :(
        Mar 28, 2022
        proxi likes this.
      2. proxi
        Lol no problem. You should be able to delete the review and redo it but that's really not too important. Just glad you got it all worked out! Let me know if there's anything else that comes up :)
        Mar 30, 2022
    5. Alex Black
      Alex Black
      Hello, how do I get a refund? i used your apex crabber for about 5 min and I didn't like it, sorry. How do I receive a refund since it charged me 30 cents? Thank you.
      1. proxi
        You can DM me your log files for those sessions.
        What didn't you like about it?
        Feb 19, 2022
    6. Ironman290394
      Hey dude, been using Apexfisher are you adding fish barrel support ?
      1. proxi
        I was not aware that was a thing, I'll look into it!
        Sep 19, 2021
    7. Omniscientx8x
      Hey man! was using the Apexcrabber, but whenever it goes and banks it gets stuck at trying to retrieve super str and atk potions.
      1. proxi
        Hey man, thanks for reporting the issue. I'll definitely check it out this afternoon, in the meantime do you have a log file you can provide of this occurring?
        Sep 9, 2021
      2. Omniscientx8x
        no sir i don't i'll try and capture one next time.
        Sep 9, 2021
    8. Batguy22
      apex fisher pro! hello, ive been trying to use your fishing bot, and it works for a few minutes then just opens settings and types "shift" over and over again.
      1. proxi
        it should type the string "Shift"... but if it is attempting to press the Shift key, then that's because it's attempting to use Shift-click dropping. If you enable that setting in your character then the bot should function correctly.
        Aug 23, 2021
    9. jj23754
      Apex Crabber numba1!
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    10. UnionJack
      Does your crabber pick up rare drop table loot?
      If not, how difficult would that be to add on?

      Great bot btw!
      1. proxi
        It does pick up clue scrolls and fossils, outside of that it does not currently support the rare drop table. As far as adding that support, it wouldn't be too difficult. I would just need the list of items as they appear in the game. To clarify, I can't go directly off the wiki because case sensitivity may be incorrect comparing wiki to game.
        Mar 17, 2021
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    11. timewasters
      Hey i tried to start up the crab bot today, couldnt seem to get it to work, but got charged for 5 hours even though i only ran it for about 3 minutes. I have 5 different log files from stop starting to get it to work, id like a refund, how do i send logs.. im confused..

      Looked at some peoples comments and think i figured out how to make it work, hopefully get a chance to tomorrow after work.
      1. Aidden
      2. timewasters
        Lol, how scummy
        Mar 15, 2021
      3. proxi
        Hey, like Aidden pointed out, you're charged for the hour at the beginning of the hour. So if you start, stop, close, and then restart the bot, that's treated as two separate instances (2 charges).

        I'd be more than happy to refund you those hours if you can send me your log files for those sessions. I also wouldn't mind helping you get set up for a bot session if you need any guidance.
        Mar 17, 2021
    12. kranky34
      Hey man, i ran your apex chopper pro last night and had the break handler stop the bot after 4 hours of runtime. the bot charged me for 11 hours of play time.
      1. proxi
        Just send me your log file for that session and I'll take a look and refund appropriately.
        Jan 23, 2021
    13. Jajabinks95
      Best Crab bot around. Wouldnt use any other bot. Whenever ive had a problem, always been fixed asap. Gotten multiple 99's from it. Deadset love it. Top block aswell 10/10
      1. proxi likes this.
    14. KarmaGG
      Proxi, excellent bot. Enjoying the easy strength training quite a bit.

      1. proxi likes this.
    15. russellnash
      your apex crabber is the best bot i have ever used, thanks so much. the humanizer is fantastic and i think it truly helps with the anti bans. is there any chance you can make a hunter bot with similar features and functions? looking to run a bot farm off red and black chins but i need to train them to that level first!
      1. proxi likes this.
      2. proxi
        I had a hunter bot a while back but it didn't get the usage I liked. It also had a couple of issues (which contributed to usage) that I didn't have enough time to deal with.
        Nov 3, 2020
    16. TheFlash03
      hey i was running the ApexCrabber yesterday and after it logged out for its break it never logged back in and ran for about 7 hours on the login screen any way i would be able to get a refund? i have the logs if you need them.
      1. Aidden
        The client has been broken since the runescape update last week. Before starting a bot you are warned about this.
        Aug 30, 2020
    17. proxi
      ApexCrabber has been updated. Refreshing agro has been fixed and traversals in general should be much better now, + more!
    18. Alex Negro
      Alex Negro
      Hey, i wanted to request a refund for Apex fisher pro, i tried using but got the null exception error. I tried 3 times and i got charged 3 times within 3 minutes. Thank you.
      1. MrBlazinHerbs
        You could send him logs too so he can look into the issue and fix it but hey gimme my monies too.
        Apr 12, 2020
    19. zerot40
      Hey man, just wanted to know if there is a possibility i get a refund for like 6 hours, since the bot ran perfectly for 2.5 hours and after that i got logged off and i asked for the pin verification (since i didnt know, cuz it was the first time using osrs client), so the bot didnt stop and stayed there for 6 hours until i had noticed and turned it off, please
    20. proxi
      Aaaand ApexCrabber is fixed :)
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