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Make planks and get rich. LOW requirements. Uses POH method.

+bell thing in house to call servant
+runes for teleport to Camelot and house
+Direct input
------- Setup
+Start bot in pvp world, choose based on ur ping
+You can equip air battle staff + law and earth runes in inventory for teleports (you need to have alot otherwise you'll run out)
+Have a lot of coins in inventory I

ssues? Report on runemate discord.
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First release
Last update
4.07 star(s) 15 ratings

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  1. ADC Plank Make v1.0.3 Released!

    ADC Plank Make updated to v1.0.3.
  2. ADC Plank Make v1.0.2 Released!

    ADC Plank Make updated to v1.0.2.
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    ADC Plank Make updated to v1.0.1.

Latest reviews

Doing exactly what it must do, keeps crashing after 1+ hour
had same issues as others initially w/ it getting stuck in Camelot - fix is ensuring that you have your home settings set to teleport inside by default and have building mode off.

I would maybe include that in the directions for future users, works great now though.
Still works great
dunno what other people crying about working fine for me lol
Bot broke seconds after starting. Standing in Camelot bank on a PvP world, bank PIN already entered, private off, no plugins enabled.
Said "huh, that's weird". Tried it again and it did the exact same thing. Busted bot.
Doesn't work at all, gets stuck in camelot with a a calling for servant, or skips dialogues and doesn't just correctly correlate.
Easy to use, does exactly what it says.
Simple and works well. I had an issue where the runemate window froze but the bot kept going and I had to close runemate to stop it. Probably a temporary problem with RM.
Works amazing, thank you for making this. Makes planks in house flawlessly.
Works as intended, my only suggestion is that it withdrew the coins every bank (including the amount the butler would need) to prevent any accidental pking of a potentially huge cash stack. Dcing from the game can throw you outside your house.