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Perform any combination of alching, teleporting and splashing you could want for some ridiculous xp. Has the ability to toggle each mode on or off (i.e you can choose to just alch and teleport, or just to alch and splash etc)


  • Any combination of alching/teleporting/splashing you could want
  • Choose any NPC or item to alch
  • Supports all of the teleports
  • Optional direct input support for perfect splashing (turn on RM advanced feature in your client settings)
  • Eats food with the option "Eat" when we are low health
  • Stops bot when we are out of runes
  • Failsafe for your mage bonus not being -65 when splashing
  • Runs to safety and stops bot when we are out of food and are low health. Should only really occur on 1 def accounts

F2P XP Rates
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First release
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4.75 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter v1.0.95 Released!

    AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter updated to v1.0.95.
  2. AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter v1.0.94 Released!

    AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter updated to v1.0.94.
  3. AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter v1.0.93 Released!

    AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter updated to v1.0.93.

Latest reviews

The Don 5* Rated - Easily #1 Magic Bot on RM for all your alching/stunning/teleporting needs. Customisable and free. Another B-b-banger by Mike bots
Flawless script. Was getting 105k xp n hour using low alch + ardougne tele + curse. High alch was 125k n hour.
Outstanding, been using it for my IM and this is a god send!!
Keep doing you man much love
works great so far, suggestion would be to add "Goal" to it whether it be time, level or number of actions so that you can have the bot shut off since theres not a timer option
Adjust the runes you bring to do this generically
Fantastic bot. Did 1-95 magic in just a few days. Only improvement I can think of is to use f-keys instead of manually clicking magic book
As mentioned, sometimes crashes runemate & the only other "flaw" is that it tends to double alch quite a lot, opposed to 1:1 tele alch, makes planning the bot a bit more annoying. But good bot all the same.
Does what is described very well only issue is that sometimes it crashes Runemate however luckily the bot keeps running which is nice.
Hi, just to make sure, you mean the interface fails to respond? I'm aware of this and sadly it isn't in my control. Party is also aware of the issue and we hope there will be a solution soon
very good