AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter 1.0.2

Alch, splash and teleport all at once

  1. michael5555
    Perform any combination of alching, teleporting and splashing you could want for some ridiculous xp. Has the ability to toggle each mode on or off (i.e you can choose to just alch and teleport, or just to alch and splash etc)


    • Any combination of alching/teleporting/splashing you could want
    • Choose any NPC or item to alch
    • Supports all of the teleports
    • Optional direct input support for perfect splashing (turn on RM advanced feature in your client settings)
    • Eats food with the option "Eat" when we are low health
    • Stops bot when we are out of runes
    • Failsafe for your mage bonus not being -65 when splashing
    • Runs to safety and stops bot when we are out of food and are low health. Should only really occur on 1 def accounts

    F2P XP Rates

Recent Reviews

  1. memberya2
    Version: 1.0.2
    very good