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Simply powerchops any logs of your choice. Supports tick manipulation using guam tar. If using tick manipulation method make sure to bring some grimy guams with you. If it doesn't work for you, turn on the Tick Tracker plugin and find a good world with good tick health and use DI


Example tick manipulation inventory

First release
Last update
4.17 star(s) 12 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Another Power Chopper v1.1.41 Released!

    Another Power Chopper updated to v1.1.41.
  2. Another Power Chopper v1.1.4 Released!

    Another Power Chopper updated to v1.1.4.
  3. Another Power Chopper v1.1.31 Released!

    Another Power Chopper updated to v1.1.31.

Latest reviews

Tried to use multiple times (~7), every attempt to Tick manipulate caused it to full stop minutes in to chopping because it would mess it up, and would drop any extra Guam brought in case this happened. Not a viable alternative to waiting for my Teaks to grow and using the 1.5t method
Good thing you can turn off tick manipulation :)
Serious answer is that you're likely on a world with bad tick health. The bot uses direct input, it isn't really possible for it to fuck up the cycle
Perfect for afking redwoods, almost 99 WC!
The Don 5* Rated - Great little chopper bot 3T occasionally messes up but for normal WC needs does the job. Made many SOTE accounts to 70 WC with this bot. LFG MIKE
please updat the bot it used to be perfect but now 3tick doesnt work anywhere
There were no code changes at all. The update removed a deprecated function for traversal. You're probably on a world with bad tick health
amazing for a free bot. 3t doesnt work at fossil island teaks but the bot is great at priff teaks.

5* if updated to support dragon axe special attack.
Overall its an amazing bot, tick manipulation works great for teaks, and haven't caught a ban yet. There's only one thing that kept me from giving it a 5-star though. As I'm watching the bot, I notice it tends to 1.5 tick pickup the teak logs it had previously dropped after the tree has fallen instead of switching to the second tree. If that can be fixed then this would be a 5/5 bot.

Also, supports Felling Axes which is awesome. (Might have said that in the description, but I didn't see it there when I initially looked.)

Does not however use the Dragon or Crystal axe specs
I can't seem to get the tick manipulation to work - tried 4 different teak areas. Set up is as shown in picture. Now just using it as regular power chopper
For a free bot you cant ask for more. Works flawlessly will continue to use over the other paid bots.
No issues at all. Using it on Leagues for some insane xp rates. Intuitive to set up and works great.
Make sure you are on a world with good ping if you want to do tick manipulation. Disgusting xp at teaks.