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Cru5tyFighter 1.0.8

Fight to win

  1. Cru5ty
    Ver 1.0.15
    - Prayer and potion support has been opened for beta testing, currently looking for more beta testers.
    - Added double click adding and removing of targets and loot items, simply double click on item in list.
    - Added eat anything option. Still requires a food type to be set. Will prioritize set food type.
    - Ultimate/Hardcore/Iron Man accounts will now have their loot areas automatically set to 'Target vicinity'.
    Ver 1.0.14
    - Added target specific loot area option in Loot tab, see Instr tab for explanation of functions.
    - Added target prioritizing, see Instr tab/Combat tab for explanation.
    - Fixed burying of bones when checkbox not selected.
    - Fixed Chicken pre-set gate issue.
    - Changed Chicken and Cow pre-sets Hop-World setting default to off.
    - Various bug fixes.
    - Added local image caching for Equip/Inv saved settings, image loading is vastly faster.
    - Alot of work on the current Beta features, hopefully to be release soon.
    Ver 1.0.12 & 1.0.13
    - Walk and Saved tab exception fixes
    Ver 1.0.11
    - Saved settings open for free version beta testing, please provide feedback
    - Saved Equip and Inv open for free version sandbox
    - Minor exception fixes
    Ver 1.0.10
    - Fixed exception to do with ammunition qty in saved equip profiles
    Ver 1.0.9
    - Bug fixes to do with exceptions.
    - Implemented equip profile saving, and equipping. This is deactivated in free version for now.
    - Main use for Equip and settings saving is intended for a feature currently in private beta testing.
    Ver 1.0.8
    - Temp fix to Exception to do with health percentages since game update.
    - Added format validators to UI components to stop format exceptions due to characters being entered into QTY boxes.
    - Fixed an issue with the Iron Man loot blacklist that would leave it stuck until certain items disappear.
    Ver 1.0.7
    - Made it easier to start bot, select bank, food, and target, then click start, will auto-fill the rest. (For people not used to options yet)
    - Added "Don’t bank" option - will log out if health gets to low
    - Changed layout of combat and bank tabs a little
    - Break handler access added to free version.
    - Food no longer required, select the "Don’t eat" checkbox in bank tab, will log out if health to low.
    Ver 1.0.6
    - Fixed bug when equipping arrows
    - Fixed a bug with eating at bank so it won’t open to get food if it still has some.
    - Added Ice giants to free version pre-sets.
    - Added high-alch option to loot tab (still under construction to add more options but functional)
    - Added option to loot ammunition rather than auto adding it, for those that don’t want to loot their ammo.
    Ver 1.0.5
    - Can now change pre-sets without restarting bot, select new and click update. Will walk to new location if webpathing allows
    - Added Edgeville monks and Wizard tower to free version pre-sets
    - Added weapon re-equip, for accidental unequip.
    - Fixed bug causing bot to stall at bank.
    - Added level up continue clicker to stop bot getting confused with in combat while safe spotting.
    - Changed bone bury conditions to make burying more efficient.
    - Changed inventory sorting priority's, will no longer stop to organize inventory while in the middle of looting, will only sort while in combat, and will place bones last to aid in burying.
    Ver 1.0.4
    - Fixed UI not showing on public version
    Ver 1.0.3
    - Made entire bot more efficient
    Ver 1.0.2
    - Added price threshold looting method
    - Added Worldhop if other player method in combat tab
    - Implemented Beta traversal method to some pre-sets
    - A lot of behind the scenes optimization
    - Modified the 'in combat?' method
    - Fixed the ‘if target is in combat with another player’ method
    Ver 1.0.0
    -Initial version.

Recent Reviews

  1. lrddiablo2
    Version: 1.0.8
    takes some know how to set up, doesnt like to bank if you arent on near a bank other than that solid script
  2. Quevinen
    Version: 1.0.8
    ban after 1 hour and 30 minutes
  3. pyr
    Version: 1.0.8
    Awesome job! but i see there's a problem on anti-ban system, if you want help i'm a dev and i love automation, just send me a message.
  4. Spencer_69
    Version: 1.0.8
    keeps quitting
  5. Bl00delve123456
    Version: 1.0.8
    great bot but stuck on baning
  6. grand333
    Version: 1.0.8
    Stuck on banking, bot crashes constantly (not the junk client, but that always crashes too), saved settings don't load, can't use bot.
  7. zak6669
    Version: 1.0.8
    Just hit the 200 hour free mark with no problem really. The only thing id add is an iron man mode where the account doesnt pick up other peoples loot. but other than that 5/5
  8. prozlegend
    Version: 1.0.8
    except the bank, other things are good
  9. Klaasjee
    Version: 1.0.8
    great one but gets stuck somethimes with opening bank even when i click the no banking on ?
  10. So Fast
    So Fast
    Version: 1.0.8
    Seems to have the Banking bug sorted out. great for cows.
    Read the instructions on the bot and it'll do the rest :)