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Dan Summer Garden Trial 1.0.14

Best AFK Thieving xp in the game!

  1. dahnae
    This is the trial version of the premium bot.

    Complete the Sorceress Garden using the 1-click method. This is the most AFK thieving method in game and one of the safest way to reach that skill cape!

    Now supports mass worlds!

    If you have questions/requests, you can join my discord

    Requirements :
    • 65 thieving and Prince Ali Rescue to access the summer garden
    • Have completed the required dialogue to have access to the sorceress garden
    • Stamina potions, beer glass and pestle and mortar in bank or on self
    • Start in Al-Kharid, near shantay pass or in sorceress garden

    Features :
    • Auto-sets the elementals in a way that allows 1-click method
    • Anti-crashing - The bot will hop if the garden is not set properly and another player is detected
    • World sharing - If the world is set properly, the bot will not hop even if another player is there, as long as neither makes a mistake
    • Automatic banking with customisable inventory
    • Very efficient, up to 140k xp/hr

Recent Reviews

  1. seine122
    Version: 1.0.7
    Very generous trial period of I think 6 hours! Works beautifully, i was able to jump from mid 60s to 72 in just about 3 hours. You could probably go from 50s to early or mid 70s in just one trial period! The only bug is that for some reason, it cannot close out of the bank interface lol, i thought it might be remapped keys but that wasnt it? Idk. I just closed it for it haha. And it's not PERFECTLY efficient, for example, with 3 stam pots, 22 glasses, and a mortar and pestle, it leaves 2 spots for the fruit initially. but by the time all the stamina pots are used up, you have 5 free spaces total. to be perfectly efficient, you should leave with all 22 glasses full, and then 4 fruits and one empty space. pick up a beer glass from the shelf, fill it, then do it again for 24 total glasses per Round. Right now, it takes two extra fruits and just puts them in the bank along with the 22 full glasses. Definitely just a gripe and not at all important.
  2. wertyboom
    Version: 1.0.3
    works nicely, i was wondering if this uses weighted clicks since this is one of those activities where you only click one spot. one fix that could be done is adding an option to not grind fruit immediately after teleporting out of garden as it has never worked for me and always had to do it twice
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      The clicks use runemate's API, which means they will click randomly somewhere on the tree. I will take a look at your second suggestion and perhaps add the option and/or make sure the clicks are always successful.